The Management Board

The Management Board has developed and is implementing a new development strategy of the Company. It ensures that all changes introduced enhance the Company's efficiency and result in the possibly most effective cooperation with Clients. At the same time, the Board is building an organization that fosters its employees’ development – an organization based on an entrepreneurial and creative style of work. The profiles of individual Management Board Members have been presented below.

Mariusz Nowak

Acting President of the Board of Sygnity S.A.

Mariusz Nowak graduated from the Electric Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology (1999).

Mariusz Nowak has over 15 years of professional experience working for the largest Polish banks, insurance companies, sales networks, telecommunications companies and state-owned enterprises as well as governmental bodies. In 2007-2015, Mariusz Nowak was involved in Infovide-Matrix S.A., where he functioned as the Competence Groups Director and then as the Partner responsible for the banking and insurance sector; since 2013, he was also a Member of the Management Board of Infovide-Matrix S.A. Mariusz Nowak was also the President of the Supervisory Board of CTPartners S.A. (2008-2011, 2014-2016). In 2016, Mariusz Nowak functioned as the President of the Management Board of Exorigo-Upos sp. z o.o. and Exorigo Financial Services sp. z o.o. Since 2017, Mariusz Nowak has been a Member of the Management Board of Grupa Exorigo Upos S.A. and Exorigo Financial Services sp. z o.o.

Piotr Wierzbicki

Member of the Board

Piotr Wierzbicki graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade of Warsaw School of Economics, where he received his MA degree with a thesis on international capital markets. He is also a participant in Business Programs for Top Executives organized by IMD in Lausanne.

Piotr Wierzbicki started his professional career in 1991 in Dumas West & Co, the affiliated company of US West telecommunications company, where he was responsible for the company’s operations in Poland. In 1993-1996, he was a consultant in the audit and business advisory department of the Polish branch of Price Waterhouse and carried out projects on due diligence, restructuring and audit for international corporations. In 1996-2008, he worked at Sun Microsystems Polska, as a Commercial Proxy and CFO at first, and then (since 2002) as the President of the Management Board. In 2009-2010, he was the Vice-President of the Management Board for Financial Affairs in Sygnity S.A. and a member in the supervisory boards in its subsidiaries, Winuel S.A., Polsoft Sp. z o.o., and Sygnity Technology Sp. z o.o. In 2011, Piotr Wierzbicki joined the team managing the EMEA EAST region of the EMC global technological corporation, where he functioned as the Regional Director Sales Strategy and, at the same time, as acting General Director of the Polish branch of the company. In the recent years, Piotr Wierzbicki has also been active as an investor and a consultant supporting technological start-ups. Since 2013, he has been involved, in terms of operations and investments, in Yieldplanet S.A.; since 2014, he has been a member of the Management Board of that company. Yieldplanet S.A. is a provider of software and services for the hotel industry; it provides its services to over 10,000 facilities all over the world. Piotr Wierzbicki has been a Member of the Supervisory Board of Sygnity S.A. since 31 March 2017.

Mariusz Jurak

Member of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

Tomasz Kozdryk

Member of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

The Other Members of the Management Group

Lidia Kłosowska

Marketing Director

Lidia Kłosowska is a graduate of the Pedagogical University in Cracow, Faculty of Polish Philology.

She has 18 years of experience in managing complex projects in the areas of marketing and sales at the position of senior brand manager and, since 2004, marketing and trade marketing director in the international corporations: Philip Morris and Pernod Ricard (Wyborowa SA). During her work in Pernod Ricard in 2009-2012 her duties at the position of Communication Department covered communication and corporate PR, CSR strategy and marketing support  department in the areas of product education and sponsorship.

She has extensive experience in building strong and motivated teams as well as in the field of brand building in different segments - including economic and premium segments.

Her cooperation with Sygnity SA at the position of PR, IR and B2B Marketing Director as the external consultant of the PR -RC2 Agency lasted 9 months. In this period, she developed a new department structure, B2B marketing and communication strategy and handled all communication and crisis activities of the company.

Recently, she has worked as the Marketing Director in Eurolot SA with duties covering restructurization of marketing department and implementation of a comprehensive advertising campaign, promoting the new offer of the air carrier.

Re-employed in Sygnity SA at the position of Marketing Director since 1 August 2014.

Aneta Lachowicz

President of the Management Board of GEOMAR S.A.

Aneta Lachowicz holds a Master’s in Management Information Systems obtained at the Faculty of Informatics and Econometrics at the University of Szczecin and a Master’s in accounting obtained in Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Szczecin. She also completed post graduate studies in European Law and Human Rights at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin. Moreover, she completed a post-graduate programme in Development and Management of EU Projects and holds an MBA awarded by the West Pomeranian Business School.

Mrs. Lachowicz gained her professional experience during her long-term work in the finance and accounting sector. Her career path started in Kancelaria Biegłych Rewidentów PROFIT Sp. z o.o. (expert auditor’s office). Later, she joined the managerial staff in steel and construction industry companies. In the following years, she was responsible for the finances of a company belonging to the LUXMED Group.

In January 2012, Mrs. Lachowicz was hired in GEOMAR as an Economic Director and was later promoted to the position of the Vice President for Financial Affairs. On 6 October 2014 she was appointed as the President of the Management Board.

Janina Korzeniewska

President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

Janina Korzeniewska is a graduate of the Faculty of Production Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.

She has been involved in the IT industry for 17 years. Janina Korzeniewska started her professional career at Apexim where, in 1997-2000, she dealt with the implementation of ERP software (developed by Baan). In 2001, she joined Computerland, where she was in charge of the implementation of Oracle’s ERP (EBS) software and managing a team of consultants. From 2006, she dealt – within the structures of Sygnity – with building centralized competence in the area of ERP systems (Oracle EBS, SAP, MS Axapta, IFS) and BI competence. From 2012, her responsibilities included also building competence with respect to SOA solutions, and from 2014 – CPM ones.

On 27 July 2015, Janina Korzeniewska was appointed President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. (former name Max Elektronik S.A.)

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