Servicing key bank operations

Thanks to long-term experience in implementing transactional applications in banks, we provide even more excellent products and services for the primary banking system. These solutions address the needs of the banks in the scope of servicing retail, corporate and investment banking as well as banking products and services distribution channels. 


Our offer includes:

  • business analysis of the banking products servicing process 
  • comprehensive IT solutions to enable servicing of the bank headquarters in the scope of treasury transactions and sale of products within the bank’s network using various distribution channels
  • integration of the provided solutions with the IT environment currently operating in the bank and procedures in force, with consideration for safety and security rules


Our world-class solutions, such as Oracle’s FLEXCUBE and Fidelity’s PROFILE, are applied for many currencies and ensure multi-language user and customer interfaces as well as allow to execute the transactions within the 24/7 mode. To reduce transaction time as much as possible, we have developed a series of localization solutions facilitating integration with the local payment systems, Credit Information Bureaus, reporting systems, etc. 


Benefits from implementing transactional systems include among others the following: 

  • opportunity of implementing changes in the business model 
  • faster implementation of new banking products and services into the offer
  • reduction of employee training costs
  • ability of easy development to process increasing data volumes
  • reducing costs of changes and modifications implementation resulting from evolving bank’s needs


Irrespective of the bank’s requirements regarding the scope of banking products and operations servicing, our basic transaction systems ensure the following: 

  • multi-currency and multi-level flexible Bank Ledger 
  • extended customer information
  • on-line limit and security management for numerous currencies 
  • safe operations with the opportunity of flexible authorization for individual users


Our team, composed of several dozens of experts in the field of central banking systems, gained its experience executing projects in Poland, Western Europe (Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain), Central Europe (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary) and Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine) as well as Asia (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan).