Library management

We offer both the Prolib Library Management System ready for instant implementation and custom-made software supporting librarians’ work.


Prolib is useful for:

  • medium-sized and large libraries of various types (university, public, pedagogical, military, school libraries and others) of different sizes and organizational structures (single library, chain of libraries with branches) 
  • groups of libraries cooperating with each other (e.g. a few different libraries in a town or region) on bibliographic data exchange, inter-library borrowings, information on book collections, and reader service
  • library employees using the system (system administrators and librarians)
  • library management staff, who make use of the information contained in the system organized into reports and statistics
  • readers who look for speedily accessible and reliable information and the latest literature from various areas
  • readers who expect the highest standard of service, which will allow them to find the necessary information in an efficient manner, at any time, from different places, and in the shortest possible time
  • readers, for example children, who due to their age require specially profiled services


Prolib offers a set of core modules which enable full automation of all principal library activities:

  • Classification and Labelling of All Types of Book Collections
  • Import of National Library Bibliographic Guide 
  • Z39.50 client
  • MARC 21 Format Administrator 
  • CKHW client
  • Lending Library and Store 
  • Stocktaking 
  • Administrator


Additional modules, which facilitate the operation of more complex library activity areas, include:

  • Gathering
  • DziecioOPAC
  • M21Bibliography 
  • Student – module for data exchange with the Dean’s Office support system
  • Inter-library Lending
  • Z39.50 Server
  • RFID Lending Library
  • Self-Service Lending Library
  • RFID Stocktaking