University operation support

Our offer is addressed to universities of various types and sizes, both private and public ones. The applications are ideally adjusted to the actual conditions of Polish universities operation, and fully compliant with the binding legislation.


Edukacja.CL is a solution which provides comprehensive support for the most essential statutory tasks of a university – those involved in the process of student and academic staff education. This modern system thoroughly orders teaching customer service at a university, and organizes offer development, recruitment processes, course of education, as well as analyses and statistics. Thanks to this system, the university can obtain and use the full picture of data on its graduates, gain competitive advantage and build a development strategy.


Business profits following from deployment of Edukacja.CL:

  • good internal order, decrease in operating costs, improved organization via process automation
  • uniform student service across the whole university
  • enabling the university to meet all Bologna Process requirements
  • improved quality and higher speed of handling matters involved in the university’s activity
  • ongoing teaching improvement – systematic monitoring, analysis and improvement of lecture and class quality
  • easier communication within the university and with customers for teaching services 
  • openness and ease of integration with other solutions (KReM, electronic student card, back-office applications, bank systems, etc.)
  • more efficient software administration and use, increased data and IT system security


Edukacja.CL functions are implemented using the following applications:

  • UCZELNIA [University] – responsible for defining the university structure
  • REKRUTACJA [Recruitment] – supports all activities involved in the candidate recruitment process
  • STUDIA [Studies] – responsible for handling all stages of the teaching process and course of studies
  • POMOC MATERIALNA I OPŁATY [Financial aid and charges] – supports definition and execution of the process of granting financial aid benefits
  • DOKUMENTY I KONTAKTY [Documents and contacts] – responsible for managing the flow of documents and correspondence, and maintaining electronic student files.


Edukacja.CL makes use of Oracle solutions (database engine and application server). The system provides two user interfaces: base client (for university staff) and WWW client (portal for students and university teachers).