Rational and efficient operation of distribution system operators requires support from modern IT systems. The main areas which require such support are distribution system management, processes involved in the provision and settlement of distribution services, and maintenance of relations and contacts with distribution system users.


We offer solutions which support distribution system operators with respect to: 

  • management of the seller change process 
  • settlement of distribution services (billing)
  • technical support for power system users
  • management of devices (especially metering devices)
  • management of power system users connecting 
  • cooperation with business partners
  • forecasting of electric energy consumption volume or balance difference 
  • management of losses in the power grid 
  • construction of business plans for core business activity



  • Pursuing business activity compliant with the unbundling rules
  • Fulfilment of all DSO’s obligations connected with management of energy market participants
  • Uniform treatment of all energy sellers operating in the DSO’s area
  • Efficient customer (distribution service recipient) service