Electric energy producers constitute the beginning of the chain of relations in the energy market. Hence it is important to provide long-term IT support guaranteed by our solutions for the processes they execute. 


We deliver systems which support electric energy producers with respect to: 

  • preparing an optimum, long-term plan of electric energy production 
  • trading activity in the wholesale energy market
  • forecasting energy production
  • conducting profit simulation for changing input parameters 
  • registration of agreements and contracts concluded with customers, settlements and document exchange 
  • exchange of information with other participants of the energy market



  • Preparation of an optimum plan of electric energy production in an organization with differentiated energy production structure 
  • Carrying out various kinds of settlements (extra-billing) based on the acquired metering data and parameters of concluded agreements
  • Efficient forecasting of the demand for electric energy by individual recipients or recipient groups and analysis of its effectiveness
  • Automation of document exchange with system operators (PSOs and DSOs)
  • Efficient elaboration of purchase plans and their daily updating with contracts concluded in the current transaction market