Smart Metering Smart Grid

Implementation of integrated AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) tools will not only help improve the quality of financial settlements for distribution services, but will also decisively improve the standard of customer service and increase the efficiency of management of balancing metering systems. 


We offer a comprehensive AMI solution which supports metering operators with respect to:

  • acquisition, processing, versioning and provision of metering data
  • monitoring acquisition of metering data 
  • publishing metering and settlement data
  • mapping the distribution grid model
  • linking energy offtake points to their localizations in the power grid



  • Efficient management of recipient and prosumer metering data as well as grid data
  • Automation of energy offtake point servicing
  • Efficient grid management (among others, by reduction of trading and technical losses)
  • Efficient and active planning of power grid development by DSOs (Distribution System Operators)
  • Delivery of information necessary for controlling demand, managing distributed generation and making decisions on launching system services provided by prosumers
  • Support for informing the recipient about their consumption and conscious use of energy


The offered AMI solution is compliant with the position of the President of URE (Polish Energy Regulatory Office) on the necessary requirements for intelligent metering and settlement systems implemented by DSOs, taking into consideration the goal functions and the proposed support mechanisms for the postulated market model.