Insurance agent support

Effective support of agents’ work may contribute significantly to sales increase and gaining competitive advantage by the insurance company.


This advantage is gained by solutions allowing agents to conclude an insurance agreement already during a meeting with the customer. Firstly and foremostly, the solutions in question support agent in the areas of:

  • access to data on products and customers 
  • managing contacts with customers 
  • updating sales materials (General Terms and Conditions of Insurance, information folders, market analyses results, instructions, procedures, etc.)
  • customer portfolio analysis from the perspective of offer choice 
  • accepting and updating data on marketing actions and campaigns
  • presenting the offer
  • concluding the insurance agreement


Our SygIns Agent system is a solution providing such extensive support to agents in their work. The application is intended for insurance companies of any size wishing to equip their agents with state-of-the-art IT and technical support. The application is updated by means of an Internet connection. During a secure updating session the insurance company’s data base is fed with data on the agent’s contacts with customers as well as applications and policies concluded since the last update.


This solution’s functionality is ensured inter alia with:

  • agent’s calendar with task list – information entered by the agent may constitute a source of data for the insurance company’s central systems (e.g. CRM)
  • customers’ insurance history
  • product simulation on the basis of up-to-date tariff tables
  • registering applications and insurance agreements 
  • settlements with the insurance company