Network planning and recording

Network recording is a component of OSS (Operations Support Systems) – class software. We provide a number of IT solutions aiming at simplification of current OSS environment and its replacing by a new and more efficient platform. 


Our solution includes:

  • highly advanced process engine conforming with commonly used eTOM process model 
  • application range compliant with the Telecom Applications Map (TAM)
  • information model (Shared Information/Data or SID), using UML language to define and formalize data model in a uniform manner 


The OSS platform enables collecting and processing of any information from the network and tracing the impact of implemented changes. Knowledge on physical network, customers and services is collected. The entire system is delivered in the form of business processes linking the individual layers of architecture, which provides a complete image of the performed business activity.


Our close cooperation with hardware and software providers allows us to reduce the time necessary to implement new network functionalities and technologies.