Efficient settlement of goods and service sales is of key importance for the core business of utility companies. 


Our solutions support utility companies with respect to: 

  • settlement of water and heat sale agreements 
  • settlement of services and additional and complementary products 
  • management of complete information about the contracting party, parameters following from the agreements and technical data of the offtake point
  • adjustment to changes in tariffs and price lists by employing new mechanisms for defining settlement algorithms
  • acquisition of settlement values from AMI systems 
  • full handling of reporting, finances and customer balances
  • handling of the whole lifecycle of metering devices in warehouses and in the network
  • planning collector’s and readout settlement cycles



  • Modern concept of water and heat sales
  • Individual and flexible approach to strategic customers 
  • Simple and efficient exchange of information with business environment 
  • Decreased trading losses 
  • Corporate management of network devices for which individual traffic history should be maintained
  • Limitation of IT costs thanks to the use of web technology