• We are one of the pioneers in the Polish IT market – we have been operating since 1991.
  • We emerged as a result of the ComputerLand and Emax merger.
  • In 1995, as one of Poland’s first IT companies, we were listed on the stock exchange.
  • Understanding the Client’s business and needs is key to our continued success as an IT advisory company.
  • We treat our Clients as partners during the planning and implementation of our projects. We respond to our customer’s needs, ready to introduce changes in order to deliver the required result.
  • We rapidly adapt to the constantly changing conditions of today’s IT world.
  • Today, clients are focused on efficient change processes which allow them to respond quickly to market requirements and keep one step ahead of the competition. Our decades-long experience mean we are a vital component in helping clients achieve this goal.
  • We offer  innovative services and top-quality products ensuring our Clients  are supported by the latest state-of-the-art technological developments.



years’ experience in successfully supporting client businesses


years on the Warsaw Stock Exchange


active clients


active contracts


Understanding customer business


references for the successful completion of comprehensive and innovative projects


expertise built on years of cooperation with leading banks, private companies and public administration institutions

Our mission is to support clients by providing high quality IT solutions and specialized services, as well as to build trust into a meaningful partnership which guarantees the realization of the client’s business goals.


unique technology skills provided by successful and experienced experts


adjusting offered solutions to the specific needs of the client


effective solutions diligently implemented



We have been operating in the Polish IT market for almost 30 years.

Our approach of focusing on the Client is the key to our success as it allows us to build trust and long-term relationships with our partners. Trust means being ready to change, to find consensus in each area and approach the needs and problems in a creative bi-lateral manner.

Co-operation-based partnership requires state-of-the-art know-how, which we achieve by  continuous investment in the professional development of our technical staff. As pioneers in the Polish IT market, we have wide-ranging competencies, which enable us not only to respond to the needs of our Clients but also to exceed their expectations.

We see our company as a team of top-class  advisors. We offer a complete range of IT services for large and medium enterprises and for public administration organizations. We provide advanced solutions developed in-house or by  leading international IT companies.

We implement projects from A to Z:

from consulting, through production and implementation, to service and outsourcing. We readily accept new challenges, giving us the satisfaction of creating innovative solutions.

We support our clients’ business development.

Software production
and implementation

Infrastructure and application integration

IT consulting

Other fields

- audit and software testing
- help clients establish communication and information infrastructures
- maintenance
- IT outsourcing



On 27th April 2018, Sygnity and Sygnity International Sp. z o. o. signed an Agreement of Restructuring concerning the restructuring of financial debt of Sygnity Capital Group with ING Bank Śląski S. A., Deutsche Bank Polska S. A. and bondholders that collectively hold around 99% of series 1/2014 bonds issued by Sygnity and Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd.


As a  consequence of analysing both our  financial results and the prospects of realising long-term contracts, the Company decided to include reserves, write-offs and corrections of non-invoiced amounts related to the Company’s long-term contracts in a separate financial statement for the fiscal year 2016/2017. In connection with the breach in conditions of bond issue agreements of 2014, the Company has developed and signed an agreement with the bondholders and banks which  finance the operational activities of the Company within the scope of conditions of paying the financial debt (standstill).


In 2015, Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. was founded by the integration of Max Elektronik, which specialized in original solutions based on modern information technologies, with  Sygnity, which focused on consulting competences and implementation of world class solutions like ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, ESB, SOA and ECM systems.


The Company has been  ISO 27001 certified.


On 15th February 2007, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Sygnity was held. It accepted the merger of Sygnity with VBB Sp. z o. o. On 14th and 15th March 2007, Sygnity S.A. appeared as a result of ComputerLand and Emax merger. On 31st March 2007, the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Department of the National Court Register registered the merge of Sygnity and Emax companies.


In May 2006, ComputerLand S.A. and Emax S.A. signed an agreement  to merge the  two companies.


The name of the Company was changed from ComputerLand Poland S.A. to ComputerLand S.A.


The company was ISO 9001 certified in the fields of production and implementation of software, designing, building and integrating of computer networks and providing services.


ComputerLand Group was founded. ComputerLand S.A. was the second IT company to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


ComputerLand Poland Sp. z o. o. was transformed into a joint-stock company ComputerLand Poland S.A.


Scandia Computer Sp. z o. o. was transformed into ComputerLand Poland Sp. z o. o.


Bogan Zborowski graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering. He has completed a number of trainings in the field of management, including the London Business School, ICAN Institute. For over 20 years he has been connected with the IT sector in Poland.

From 1996 he has started working in Bull Polska, being responsible for developing sales of ERP solutions. Then, he has continued his professional path in IBM Polska as sales representative (form 1998 to 2002).

Between 2002 and 2006 he has been connected with ComputerLand S.A. (currently Sygnity S.A.), where he was responsible for sales and cooperation with strategic clients of the Sygnity’s banking sector.

Since 2006 he has been associated with IBM Polska successfully shaping and implementing the company’s sales strategy for the financial sector. From 2011 to 2013 he has been responsible for the major clients in banking, insurance, public administration and telecommunication sectors.

Bogdan Zborowski was a member of several management boards in the past:

– Vice-president of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A. responsible for sales area in the company (2013-2016)

– President of the Management Board of Sygnity International Sp. z o.o. (2014 – 2016)

– President of the Management Board and General Director in itelligence sp. z o.o. – Polish branch of itelligence group A.G. (2016 – 2019)

On 2nd December 2019 he was appointed President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

Bogdan Zborowski

President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

Mariusz Jurak

Vice president of the Management Board of Sygnity S. A.

Mariusz Jurak graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. He holds an MBA diploma from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. He has completed certified training in the field of sales and IT project and programme management.

He has been connected with Sygnity S.A. from the beginning of his career. He joined ComputerLand (currently Sygnity S.A.) in 2001. For almost 16 years he has been responsible for implementing projects, expanding the  product portfolio and building relationships with key clients from the Banking and Financial Sector. Over the past 5 years, he has held key positions in Sygnity. As Banking and Finance Managing Director, he was responsible for implementing the biggest projects for strategic clients in Sygnity’s Banking and Financial sector.

From 26 November 2019 he has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

He is an experienced manager who significantly contributed to the market position and development of the Banking and Financial Sector of the company.

Inga Jędrzejewska graduated from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics with degrees in Finance and Banking as well as in Management and Marketing.  She is also  a licensed Tax Advisor, an ACCA member and an author of numerous articles in the trade press (Tax Review, Rzeczpospolita).

She has many years of professional experience in the field of finance. She spent 9 years building her professional career in Deloittes. For the past  8 years, she has been associated with Sygnity.  Inga managed Sygnity ‘s Financial Office. In this role,  (July 2017 to April 2018), she was a key member in  negotiating restructuring agreements with banks, bondholders and Microsoft. Since May 2018, as a Financial Director, she has been responsible for the Financial Division and Administration Department of the Company.

On 25th March 2019, she was appointed to the Management Board, as Chief Financial Officer of Sygnity S.A.

Inga Jędrzejewska

Member of the Management Board,  Chief Financial Officer


Dorota Beksińska

Managing Director, Public Sector

Dorota Beksińska graduated from Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, specializing in Social work. She also completed postgraduate studies in Social Economy in the Małopolska School of Public Administration of the Cracow University of Economics.

Her professional career started in 1993 in the Provincial Office in Cracow, in the Regional Team of Social Help, where she worked as the Head of the Social Help Department until 1996.

She has been connected with Sygnity (ComputerLand at the time) since 1996, starting as a  Project Manager and subsequently progressing through the ranks to PMO Deputy Manager in Cracow, Deputy Project Director of Trainings, Client Manager, Sales Director and Sales Managing Director in Public Sector.

Currently she is the Managing Director of Public Sector.

Beata Drzewicz graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the Academy of Commerce and Law (now Lazarski University), finishing her master studies at the Faculty of Economy. She completed postgraduate studies of Company Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration,  at the University of Warsaw.

She has been professionally associated with Capital Group Sygnity since 2001, holding the following positions: Head of the Management Board Office, Director of the Management Board Office, and now Director of the Management Board Office and Ownership Supervision of Sygnity.

Withinthe Sygnity Group, she has fulfilled the following functions: member of the Supervisory Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. (from November 2012 to August 2018), proxy in Sygnity International Sp. z o.o. (from 2012 until 2015), Member of the Board of Directors in UAB Baltijos Kompiuteriu Centras with headquarters in Vilnius (from 2012 to 2014), Vice-President of the Supervisory Board in Dolnośląska Szkoła Bankowa Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Lubin (from 2012 to 2013). She is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of Geomar S.A. (since 2012), as well as a member of the Management Board of the company Enhandel Sp. z o.o. (since 2014). On 1st October 2018, she was appointed to the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

Beata Drzewicz

Proxy; Director of the Management Board Office and Ownership Supervision; Member of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

Janina Korzeniewska

President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

Janina Korzeniewska graduated from the Faculty of Production Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology.

She has been involved in the IT industry for over 17 years. Her professional career started at Apexim, where she dealt with Baan ERP class system implementation in the years 1997-2000. In 2001, she joined ComputerLand, where she was in charge of implementing ERP Oracle EBS software while also managing a team of consultants. Since 2006, her focus has been  on building centralized competence in the area of ERP systems (Oracle EBS, SAP, MS Axapta, IFS) and BI competence. Since 2012, she has also been responsible for SOA solutions and since 2014, for CPM class solutions.

On 27th July 2015, she was appointed President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. (Max Elektronik S.A. before the name change).


The Sygnity Supervisory Board consists of six people who make decisions on behalf of the company, paying particular attention to the fulfilment of our mission and company vision. Board changes have  been made to ensure the efficiency running of the company. The members of the Supervisory Board are presented below.

Piotr Kwaśniewski

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Piotr Kwaśniewski graduated from the Gdynia Maritime University with a master’s degree in electronic engineering. In 1994, he obtained a stockbroker license. He also completed a business course for investment advisors and financial directors.

Currently, Mr. Piotr Kwaśniewski is Chairman of the Management Board of Wikana S.A. (since April 2019) and Polish Loan Fund Sp. z o.o. (since May 2015) and a member of the Supervisory Boards Biomed-Lublin (since December 2017), Hercules S.A. (since December 2017), and Triton Development S.A. (since February 2016).

Previously, Mr. Piotr Kwaśniewski was the Chairman of the Management Board of the following companies:

  • Sanwil Holding S.A. (from January 2009 to September 2012),
  • Sanwil Poland Sp. z o.o. (between January 2009 and September 2009),
  • Masters S.A. (from February 2008 to February 2009),
  • MST Developer Sp. z o.o. (between December 2007 and February 2009;
  • LZPS Protector S.A. (from January 2002 to April 2006),
  • Lublin Capital Company Sp. z o.o. (between February 1997 and April 2002).


Mr. Piotr Kwaśniewski was a member of the Supervisory Board in Herkules S.A. (from May 2013 to March 2017), Bumech S.A. (between April 2013 and October 2013), Draszba S.A. (between October 2009 and May 2017), Permedia S.A. (from 1999 to 2002), Lublin Scales Factory Fawag S.A. (from 1998 to 2002), and LZPS Protektor S.A. (2001).

Between August 1996 and January 1997, Mr. Piotr Kwaśniewski worked as a financial operations specialist at Lublin Car Factory, and from April 1996 to July 1996 he worked as a stockbroker at the Centre of the Capital Operations BH S.A.

Raimondo Eggink

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee

In 1994, Mr. Raimondo Eggink graduated with a degree in  theoretical mathematics from the Jagiellonian University, where he also obtained a doctoral degree in 2010.

Since 2002, Mr. Raimondo Eggink has been leading independent consulting and training activities for financial companies. At the same time he has been attending supervisory boards of several private and public companies including Prime Car Management S.A. (since 2015), PKP Cargo S.A. (since 2015), Suwary S.A. (since 2015), AmRest Holdings SE (since 2010), Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A. (since 2009), PERŁA – Browary Lubelskie S.A. (2004 – 2005 and since 2008 until today).

Mr. Raimondo Eggink was a member of several supervisory boards in the past:

  • Stomil-Olsztyn S.A. (2002 – 2003)
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. (2002 – 2008), Wilbo S.A. (2003 – 2005)
  • Mostostal Płock S.A. (2003 – 2006)
  • Swarzędz Meble S.A. (2004 – 2005)
  • PKN ORLEN S.A. (2004 – 2008)
  • KOFOLA S.A. (2004 – 2012, formerly HOOP S.A.)
  • Zachodni Fundusz Inwestycyjny [Western Investment Fund] NFI S.A. (2006)
  • Firma Oponiarska Dębica [Dębica Tire Company] S.A. (2008 – 2012)
  • Netia S.A. (2006 – 2014)
  • Lubelski Węgiel [Lublin Coal] “Bogdanka” S.A. (2012 – 2015)
  • Górnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów S.A. (2015 – 2016).


Previously, Mr. Raimondo Eggink was a member of the Management Board, Investment Director, Chairman of the Management Board and also a liquidator at ABN AMRO Asset Management (Poland) S.A., a company which managed the assets of Polish institutional investors and affluent individuals, and which ceased operations in Poland in 2001.

Mr. Raimondo Eggink started his career in 1995 at the Warsaw department of ING Bank N.V., where he played a major role in creating the first Polish asset management company. He obtained his investment adviser license in March 1995. From 1995 to 1997, he acted as a Vice Chairman of the Board of Brokers and Advisers. In 2000, he was awarded the title of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) by the AIMR association (now CFA Institute). From 2004 to 2013, Mr. Raimondo Eggink acted as a member of the Management Board of the CFA Society of Poland.

Mr. Raimondo Eggink has published many articles on the development of Polish capital markets, specializing in the protection of minority shareholders.

Błażej Dowgielski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Błażej Dowgielski graduated from the University of Warsaw, where he studied at the Institute of International Relations from 2007 to 2012.

Mr. Błażej Dowgielski started his career in 2006 as a journalist and was the managing editor of the biweekly magazine BiznesPolska. From 2007 to 2008, he worked as a journalist in the Economic Department of Dziennik. Polska – Europa-Świat, where he specialized in the field of capital markets. From 2009 to 2011, he was  a journalist at Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet newspaper.

During the years 2014 – 2016, Mr. Błażej Dowgielski acted as the President of the Management Board of East Side Capital S.A., a company listed on NewConnect, which conducts investment activities through a subsidiary entity (seed, start-up).

Mr. Błażej Dowgielski also acted as a Member of the Supervisory Board of The Farm 51 Group S.A. (2013 – 2014) and Pixel Ventures (2014 – 2016).

Since 2012, Mr. Błażej Dowgielski leads a business dedicated to providing consultancy services in the fields of PR and IR.

Since 2017, Mr. Błażej Dowgielski has been the President of the Management Board, as well as a partner in the Mark Media Group Ltd., a company which provides services in the field of PR and IR, supporting IPO and SPO  processes and also fulfilling the role of general business consultant. Since 2017, Mr. Dowgielski has been a Member of the Supervisory Board of Hercules S.A.

Jarosław Szpryngwald

Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Jarosław Szpryngwald graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Banking in 1996.

Mr. Jarosław Szpryngwald started his career in 1994 at Export Development Bank where he worked as a Credit Risk Analyst. From 1997 to 2002, he worked as a Financial Controller in Apple IMC Poland.

From 2002, Mr. Jarosław Szpryngwald held several management positions and took part in several restructuring projects of a number of listed companies and capital groups, such as PT Szeptel, (now MNI), Rolmex (the main shareholder of the Indykpol capital group), Makarony Polskie Capital Group and Call Center Poland Capital Group.

 Mr. Jarosław Szpryngwald has also supervised finance and accounting, controlling, operations, technology and administrative departments.

Rafał Wnorowski

Member of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Rafał Wnorowski studied at the Faculty of Business and Administration at PWSBiA. He has many years of experience in sales to the public and private sectors.

Mr. Rafał Wnorowski started his career at Bank Zachodni WBK S.A., where he worked as a Specialist in the Department of Electronic Payments and a Representative for Institutional Sales from 1999 to 2004. From 2002 to 2004, he worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager at Usługi Finansowe Sp. j. From 2004 to 2007, he was a Sales Director at Wapro Sp. z o.o. (Asseco Poland S.A. Capital Group), and from 2007 to 2010, he was the Commercial Director of Asseco Business Solutions (Asseco Poland S.A. Capital Group).

From May 2010 to August 2015, Mr. Rafał Wnorowski was associated with SIMPLE Group, where, as a Vice President, he was responsible for sales and marketing as well as development of  the SIMPLE Group. From 9th  September 2015 to 12th  February 2016, he acted as  Vice President of CUBE.ITG S.A., where he was responsible for the sales division and for sales support and marketing. On 16th February 2016, he was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of SIMPLE S.A., where he currently supervises multiple departments: sales and marketing, external communication, strategy implementation, information security, business solutions, as well as partner and investor relations.

Tomasz Zdunek

Member of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Tomasz Zdunek graduated in law (1987) and Tax Advisory Studies for lawyers (2000).

From 1989 to 1994, Mr. Tomasz Zdunek acted as  General Director of the electronic warehouse networks Tomtronic. From 1994 to 1996, he was Chairman of the Board of the Bajax company and from 1997 to 1998, as the Sales Director of HTL (medical equipment producer).

From 1998 to 2003, he was the owner of LAB MASTER (medical equipment importer), and from 1999 to 2013, the President of Controlling at Robakiewicz Zdunek Sp. j., Accounting and law office.

Currently Mr. Tomasz Zdunek fulfils the following management functions for a number of Polish companies

  • Chairman of the Board IACL Sp. z o.o. (since 2003)
  • Chairman of the Board E-Query Sp. z o.o. (from 2008)
  • Chairman of the Board Query S.A. (since 2012)
  • Proxy CRON Sp. z o.o. and Locon S.A. (since 2012)
  • Chairman of the Board Controlling Biuro Rachunkowe S.A. (since 2013)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board SIMPLE S.A. (since 2014)
  • Member of the Board Krakow Lex Compensation Office (since 2015)
  • Chairman of the Board Lex Birou Despagubiri S.R.L. based in Bucharest (since 2015).


Mr. Tomasz Zdunek also runs his own business Tomasz Zdunek Law Firm (since 2009).