The Management Board

The Management Board has developed and is implementing a new development strategy of the Company. It ensures that all changes introduced enhance the Company's efficiency and result in the possibly most effective cooperation with Clients. At the same time, the Board is building an organization that fosters its employees’ development – an organization based on an entrepreneurial and creative style of work. The profiles of individual Management Board Members have been presented below.

Mariusz Jurak

Vice President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

Mariusz Jurak  graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. He holds an MBA diploma from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. He completed a number of certified coursed in the field of sales and management of projects and IT programmes.

Connected with Sygity S.A since the very beginning of his career in IT, he joined ComputerLand (presently Sygity S.A)  in 2001. Throughout almost 16 years he has been responsible for implementing projects, expanding product portfolio and cooperation with key clients from the Banking and Financial sector. As he progressed in his career, within the past 5 years he has been holding key positions in Sygnity. As Banking and Finance Managing Director he  was responsible for implementing the greatest projects for strategic clients of the Banking and Financial sector at Sygity.

He is an experienced manager who significantly contributed to the market position and development of the Banking and Financial sector within the company.

Inga Jędrzejewska

Chief Financial Officer

Inga Jędrzejewska graduated from Warsaw School of Economics with majors in Finance and Banking as well as Management and Marketing. She is also a licensed Tax Advisor, an  ACCA member and an author of numerous papers in trade press (Rzeczpospolita).

She has over 16 years of experience in the field of finance. For 9 years she has been building her career in an international company Deloitte, and for almost 7 years now she has been associated with Sygity. For the last 3 years she has been managing Financial Office and from July 2017 until the end of April 2018 she was a key member of a team responsible for negotiating Restructuring Agreement with banks, Bondholders and Microsoft, the process being of great significance to the Company. Since May 2018 she has been responsible for Financial Division of the Company as Financial Direcotr.

On 25 March 2019, Inga Jędrzejewska was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Sygnity S.A.

The Other Members of the Management Group

Janina Korzeniewska

President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A.

Janina Korzeniewska is a graduate of the Faculty of Production Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.

She has been involved in the IT industry for 17 years. Janina Korzeniewska started her professional career at Apexim where, in 1997-2000, she dealt with the implementation of ERP software (developed by Baan). In 2001, she joined Computerland, where she was in charge of the implementation of Oracle’s ERP (EBS) software and managing a team of consultants. From 2006, she dealt – within the structures of Sygnity – with building centralized competence in the area of ERP systems (Oracle EBS, SAP, MS Axapta, IFS) and BI competence. From 2012, her responsibilities included also building competence with respect to SOA solutions, and from 2014 – CPM ones.

On 27 July 2015, Janina Korzeniewska was appointed President of the Management Board of Sygnity Business Solutions S.A. (former name Max Elektronik S.A.)

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