Digital transformation of banking and insurance sector

For 30 years, Sygnity has been providing financial institutions with IT solutions that allow them to quickly adapt to new legal regulations, as well as to execute business processes such as: sales and customer service, price and product management, obligatory reporting, or service of foreign markets.

We regularly develop our offering for the banking industry to meet changing regulations, trends and the needs of our customers.

Therefore, we have included in our offer platforms that enable multi-channel customer service. Thus, our Digital Transformation services become complete and address the most important needs of both the market and customers.

Digital transformation in the area of customer interaction

Digital transformation in the customer service area of the financial sector is the process of combining and using data to personalize user experience. The main goal of improving the relevance of customer communication is to build trust and increase conversions.

The digital transformation of banking and insurance

The financial services industry was built on direct interaction with each other based on trust. The challenge facing financial and insurance institutions today is to further expand the customer relationship through information technology. The digital platforms chosen should be characterized by: flexibility of implementation and the possibility of addressing communication via multiple digital channels simultaneously.

How to make remote customer service more effective? In order to do so, tools are required that effectively, intuitively and quickly support the resolution of a consumer’s case just as during a visit to a bank branch. Remote service is at the heart of the digital transformation process and is more important than ever. It is by building quality interaction with the consumer that financial institutions can strengthen their market position and expand their customer base.

Selected challenges of financial and insurance institutions

Working together with digital platform providers such as Adobe, Magnolia and Sitecore, we address the challenges facing global financial institutions today. These challenges include:

  • large volumes of data from disparate sources, collected over years, which are often maintained in separate silos
  • limited data analysis capabilities due to the lack of a clear digital strategy in the area of utilizing the results of analyzed data
  • a large number of co-existing systems, including marketing, analytics, web and mobile applications, which ineffectively use the potential of omnichannel customer communication
  • barriers to the introduction of cloud solutions, which could increase the security and efficiency of the provided solutions, especially at the junction of digital systems and external communication (e.g. via the web)
  • incomplete analysis of consumer needs in feedback channels, including the analysis of opinions left behind (e.g. in terms of improving customer service)


Addressing the above Sygnity will help you in:

Requirements workshop and digital needs analysis

  • identification of areas for digital transformation
  • required connections of customer information systems
  • developing and formalizing the purpose of digital transformation

Building the concept of an ideal digital experience

  • new and existing customer definitions
  • defining the customer path (Customer Journey)
  • developing strategies to build further conversions

Implementation of the concept and launch of accelerated conversion

  • adjusting the customer interaction platform in the Customer Experience area
  • combining the channels of omnichannel strategy
  • combining data sources to provide the best personalized experience

Maintenance and further development

  • expand the implemented CX system with additional modules, including: traffic analytics, marketing targeting, marketing expenditure control, campaign profitability calculation
  • integration of the implemented system with the existing CRM and ERP systems
  • development in order to ensure the so-called Total Experience

Selected Digital Experience Platforms

Digital platforms in the Customer Experience area are one of the pillars on which we base our Digital Transformation services. Global providers of these solutions have been selected by us in terms of functionality, security, compliance with GDPR requirements, scalability and ease of implementation, integration and further development and maintenance.

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