Digital Transformation of Industry sector

For over 30 years we have been providing dedicated IT systems for customers in Poland and abroad. Next to the public and financial sectors, the industrial sector is very important for us in the era of digitization and automation. An example of our commitment to this area is the list of our own products and services, more about which can be found here.

Transition to Industry 4.0

Current solutions for industrial automation are replacing standard practices that have been used for years. The idea behind introducing more and more modern and advanced IT systems, industrial robots and connected IIoT elements is to achieve further competitiveness in the face of changing market expectations.

The need to invest in modern systems is inevitable

Currently, less than 15% of industrial manufacturers are implementing modern digital IT solutions across the enterprise, which is the only path to true digital
digital transformation.

Companies that do take this step often do not benefit from experienced technology partners who can take care of effective implementation of innovations in factories.

Sygnity has several dozen own products and a set of internationally licensed solutions that streamline various digital aspects in manufacturing companies.

Selected challenges of the industrial sector

Working together with digital platform providers such as Adobe, Sitecore, SAP, Salesforce and Aidar, we want to address the challenges facing global businesses today. These include:

  • large volumes of data from disparate sources, collected over years, which are often maintained in separate silos that the company does not use to optimize its manufacturing processes
  • limited possibilities of data analysis, resulting from the lack of a clear digital strategy in the area of using the results of the analyzed data
  • Extended decision-making process, where companies need clear proof of ROI before investing in a new technology, product or market
  • low margins, which are on a downward trend, rising material costs, the impact of taxation and customs duties, rapidly copied products (manufacturing processes) and new increasingly innovative competitors
  • the need to work with global partners, suppliers and customers who require product information in different languages, continuous multi-channel communication, and 24/7 service


Digital transformation in industrial customer service is helping manufacturers re-shape their relationships with B2C and B2B customers and redefine their position in the value chain.

Requirements workshop and digital needs analysis

  • identification of areas for digital transformation
  • required connections of customer information systems
  • developing and formalizing the purpose of digital transformation

Building the concept of an ideal digital experience

  • new and existing customer definitions
  • defining the customer path (Customer Journey)
  • developing strategies to build further conversions

Implementation of the concept and launch of accelerated conversion

  • adjusting the customer interaction platform in the Customer Experience area
  • combining the channels of omnichannel strategy
  • combining data sources to provide the best personalized experience

Maintenance and further development

  • expand the implemented CX system with additional modules, including: traffic analytics, marketing targeting, marketing expenditure control, campaign profitability calculation
  • integration of the implemented system with the existing CRM and ERP systems
  • development in order to ensure the so-called Total Experience

IT platforms supporting digital development

Digital platforms in the area of creating positive experiences for customers, partners and employees, as well as document digitalization and process automation supported by artificial intelligence are at the heart of the support we provide to customers in Poland and abroad. Another important aspect of optimizing the use of IT resources is our support for customers in the use of cloud solutions. In addition to Sygnity’s own products, we use products of global suppliers.

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