Service Agreement by and between Sygnity and Energa Operator SA


Sygnity signed 3-year agreement with the Energa Operator S.A. covering service and development of the systems already developed and implemented by Sygnity. Value of the agreement is estimated to PLN 7 722 000.

Energa Operator S.A. is one of the leading electricity suppliers in Poland. It supplies power to 2.5 million households and to more than 300 thousand companies, which translates into 17% electricity market share.

The agreement concluded by and between Sygnity and Energa Operator S.A. covers the maintenance service and development of the following IT solutions:

  • WIRE/UR - Electricity Market Information Exchange System of the Market Participant is intended to exchange information between the Market Operators and Electricity Transmission System Operator - including, among others: commercial and technical requests, measuring and measuring and settlement data, settlement reports of the balancing market.
  • CMS - Supports measuring data management obtained from the electricity measuring systems of all recipients connected to the distribution network of the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).
  • PDK/PWI - Portal supporting information sharing between the DNOs and business partners (sellers, balancing entities). 
  • NMS - enables effective servicing of well-developed measuring systems and Support basic business processes of the DNOs related to servicing the measuring data obtained from the network measuring systems installed in the DNO’s network. 
  • ELMS - allows for specifying the actual hourly values of the balancing difference and technical losses in the individual components of the DNO’s network. 
  • CSS (RURD) enables complete automation of selecting the electricity suppliers by the recipients, in particular in the scope of recipients and suppliers recording, measuring data configuration and availability of measuring and measuring and settlement data.

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