Sygnity designs Enterprise Data Lake solution for HR Company in the United States


Another successful project in Sygnity’s portfolio. This time, we were asked to design a comprehensive centralized data storage solution for one of the leading global HR companies ranked by Fortune. We implemented Enterprise Data Lake, a repository of data extracted from both company’s and external sources. Thanks to implementation of the Data Lake, the HR Company has unleashed the power of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Read more here: 

Data lake strategy for one of the leading global 
HR houses ranked among "World's Most Admired Companies" by FORTUNE®.
Customer requirements
Needed to implement a comprehensive centralized data storage solution to:
  • Handle and store the operational data with all data changes, like CV updates of candidates
  • Make up-to-date data available to anyone at the company interested in analyzing or leveraging the data 
  • Decrease the impact of analyses and reporting queries on production systems and infrastructure performance

Following Sygnity’s recommendation, the entire project was delivered using Agile development methodologies with iterative approach to avoid a waterfall process, despite having well defined project phases. During 8 months of the project, Sygnity has provided required competencies to build Enterprise Data Lake, a repository of data extracted from company’s various source systems and also acquired from external sources, stored in raw form (without extensive transformation prior to loading). The data was stored in a HDFS file system, in a cloud-based Hadoop/Sparc cluster set up at Amazon.  

Benefits achieved
Apart from the primary needs fulfillment, thanks to successful implementation of the data lake the HR Company achieved additional benefits by using this solution and now can:
  • Unleash the power of Business Intelligence by giving its business analysts the tools and access to wealth of information
  • Directly create tactical or strategic reports, depending on the target audience
  • Intensify machine learning efforts to uncover the hidden potential of available data
  • Optimize and automate the business processes based on related data

PDF (316.55 kB) Sygnity Data Lake HR Company success story   

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