Sygnity Group improves its market position and builds competitive advantage by consolidating its competences in business management support systems at Sygnity Business Solutions


This November, Sygnity Business Solutions was established, combining the competences of the Max Elektronik company, specializing in proprietary solutions based on state-of-the-art information technologies, with the competences of the part of Sygnity focused on consulting and implementation skills in practical applications of world class ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, ESB, SOA and ECM solutions. This synergy provides the Sygnity Capital Group with a unique competence center, specialized in solutions supporting effective management of businesses and institutions. Its customers include multinational corporations, Polish companies and public institutions that are striving to improve their effectiveness with the solutions offered by Sygnity.

The Sygnity Business Solutions (SBS) combines the best practices in effective management support systems developed by the entire Sygnity Group during its 25 years of experience on the Polish and the global IT markets. The SBS team includes nearly 150 experts with many years of experience in consulting, designing and implementing enterprise scale solutions based both on in-house proprietary products and on technologies supported by international partners. This unique team experience was developed during over 600 successfully completed projects.

Sygnity Business Solutions’ main areas of focus will be: 
  • Delivery of IT projects concerning implementation of ERP, BI and CPM management support systems for businesses and institutions based on in-house products and global vendors’ applications,
  • Delivery of IT projects concerning implementation of SOA, BPM and UCM solutions, including solutions for libraries,
  • Business consulting and audits of, among others, pre-implementation preparations processes, implementation and post-implementation processes execution.
"Broad competences, professionalism and expert knowledge of innovative IT solutions make the Sygnity Business Solutions consultants stand out from the crowd. The decision to integrate the unique skills in a single company was dictated by the need for ability to flexibly adjust our solutions and services to the needs of our existing and future customers. This allows us to optimally support them in achieving their goals and, in particular, assist them in providing information based on which they will be taking strategic decisions" – said Bogdan Zborowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A. 

The Sygnity Group has been striving to centralize its competences, particularly in the area of ERP, BI, CPM systems and SOA solutions, since many years. For a long time it had relevant resources fluent in ERP, BI, CPM, SOA solutions provided by several global vendors (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IFS, IBM, SAS, Software AG, IBM), making this skill set unique on the market. Now the Sygnity Group has made another step towards centralization by combining its existing competences with those of Max Elektronik S.A in development of proprietary management support products for businesses and institutions. 

"Deep insight into the market requirements allows us to tailor our offerings to specific customer needs, while making them both comprehensive and flexible. We offer solutions for integrating diverse processes, services, applications, data warehouses, analytics & reporting systems as well as management, planning and budgeting support systems" – says Nina Korzeniewska, CEO of Sygnity Business Solutions.

Sygnity Business Solutions’ offering includes also in-house authored solutions. One of its flagship products is the PROLIB comprehensive library management system. It gave the company the first place among Polish providers of IT solutions for libraries and archives. Other in-house solutions include a business management support system, airport management system, railway management system, applications for monitoring and counting the numbers of printouts and document copies produced.

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