Sygnity invests in the healthcare sector


Sygnity S.A., the leading IT company in Poland, has acquired the IntegraTIS IT solution. This acquisition is part of company’s strategy and element of broader investments addressed to company’s healthcare sector clients – said company’s representatives.

Based on its analyses of demographic forecasts and particularly in light of increasing need to meet healthcare requirements of senior citizens Sygnity took the decision to develop systems supporting coordinated care services for seniors, including state of the art solutions like senior telecare.

Such systems will help with using state of the art information technologies for less costly, more convenient to the patients and more effective provision of medical care. They will allow swift coordination of actions by doctors, carers, families and social assistance. The goal is to provide better quality health and safety services to home based patients.

IntegraTIS is an integrated platform used in telemedicine, i.e. providing remote medical services. The platform uses new technologies to provide e-consultations or real-time patient condition monitoring. Moreover, as it overcomes geographic boundaries, it can provide quick patient diagnosing based on collected readings and tests. The IntegraTIS platform is an openEHR framework application for telemedicine related services. It assures communications with medical registers, dedicated software and diagnostic and test equipment.

IntegraTIS has been developed leveraging the IntegraBPM technology suite that supports development and operation of application systems running on service oriented architecture (SOA/BPM). Services in the IntegraTIS telemedicine system are managed by processes that organize “group work” of users, operating based on telemedicine procedures.

“Acquisition of the IntegraTIS Platform is in line with our broader strategy for the healthcare sector where we see a big demand for IT systems. We will be intensively working on solutions supporting the senior citizen care model using telemedicine technologies, boosting our presence in the healthcare market,” says Jan Maciejewicz, President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A. We see a huge potential particularly in the area of telemedicine where IntegraTIS has been in use since several years already. Forecasts indicate that every year a growing number of patients will be using modern technologies allowing remote health condition monitoring. The IntegraTIS Platform will allow us to expand our portfolio also to other areas of the healthcare market and will provide opportunities to deliver projects financed with the EU funds under the Regional Operational Programmes for 2014-2020, among others.

The main rationale behind introduction of telemedicine as a form of healthcare services is to improve, speed up and facilitate patient care and thus improve treatment results while optimizing the costs. Also the comfort of patients is very important, as the number of their visits to doctors and diagnostic facilities is reduced to a minimum. Thus the patients spend more time at home and this may significantly improve their treatment results. Telemedicine also allows for earlier diagnosing of detected diseases and in extreme cases also remotely identifying patients with life-threatening symptoms.

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