Sygnity’s bid wins contract award for BGK bank’s core system


The bid by Sygnity S.A. was selected as the most advantageous in a competitive contract award for the BGK Core Banking System – at PLN 40.55 million incl. VAT for delivery of the basic scope of work (PLN 53.97 million incl. VAT with the options). It meets the requirements of the Terms of Reference and was awarded the top overall rating – 99.67 points, according to the bid evaluation criteria used in the procurement process: price – 40%; functionality – 60%.

"The tender for the new banking system for the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is one of priority contract awards for Sygnity. Competences in the area of Core Banking Systems are among Sygnity’s key skills in banking and financial services sector, thus we have strong competitive edge in this domain. Many years of experience in providing and implementing such solutions allowed us to prepare and submit an advantageous bid, optimal concerning both the costs of deployment and the future maintenance. Selection of Sygnity’s bid in this tender is an important step for us” – says Bogdan Zborowski, Vice President of the Management Board in charge of Commercial Affairs at Sygnity S.A., among others responsible for sales. “We are consistently strengthening our position in the banking and financial services sector, developing a solid pipeline of orders that include the development and continuation of collaboration with our existing customers as well hard work on upcoming tenders and acquiring new customers. We still have several key items on our 2016 desired orders agenda to win" – summarizes the success VP Zborowski. 

Sygnity is on a good track to rebuild its order backlog. The revenues for FY 2016 from contracts signed before 8 October are PLN 208.9 million. Compared to the level noted as on 31 July and disclosed in August 2015, the backlog is higher by as much as 33%. 

"To a significant extent this increase resulted from the newly signed contracts with the banking industry, where we are noting a growth of PLN 18.9 million /+64%/. This proves that we are consistently improving our position in the banking and financial services sector" – comments on the situation Bogdan Zborowski, VP, Sygnity S.A.

The Sygnity Group is strengthening its position in three key business areas. In addition to the banking and financial services sector as well as the utilities sector, the public sector is a strong business pillar of the company. "Backlog in the public segment has also increased by a similar amount since July and it should be viewed as a success bearing in mind that the EU financing in the new framework has not been fully allocated yet. In the coming quarters another tranche of the EU funds will become available, including that for Digital Poland program, which is being implemented in the public administration. New contract award procedures will be announced and I am sure we will be one of key players in them"– concludes VP Bogdan Zborowski.

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