The Tax Portal is already available to taxpayers. Sygnity completes another delivery stage of the e-Tax project.


The Polish Ministry of Finances has launched another new functionality of the Tax Portal. The functionality provides direct online contact with the tax administration to all taxpayers. The Tax Portal is an ICT system of the Polish tax administration, developed under the e-Tax project. Sygnity S.A. is its general contractor. The Portal provides the contact between tax authorities and taxpayers, tax withholding agents and tax collectors for submission of official requests, filing tax returns and delivery of correspondence by electronic communications.

In August 2014, Sygnity has provided the Ministry of Finance with the first of the two stages of development of the Tax Portal, which is a component of the new e-Tax system. The publicly available section, which was commissioned at that time, was of informative nature. The interactive platform launched today complements the first section of the portal with an individual taxpayer’s panel, accessible after account registration.

Thanks to Sygnity’s technology the taxpayers who log into the Tax Portal now get electronic access to more services and to their individual tax matters. Functionalities of the portal allow online access to individual tax details and exchange of correspondence with the tax administration. After logging-in the taxpayer will be able to access the previously filed returns, documentation of tax cases in progress and information about the status of taxpayer’s settlements with the tax office.  

This second release of the Tax Portal allows submission of documents such as requests, tax forms or returns and their amendments via an electronic channel. This is done using interactive forms or document wizard that guide the user step by step through filling in the tax return. The form submission process is now made easier thanks to the automatic pre-population of some fields with data. A document created in such way may be saved, and its draft may be edited before transmission. 

Whereas the first component of the Tax Portal provided the taxpayers with information only, the current option of creating an individual account provides a valuable benefit to the customers of the tax administration. Login-protected accounts allow access to individual tax data and electronic communications with the tax authorities. This is a very important milestone for the e-government concept. Until now such extensive electronic communication between the citizens and the administration was not possible in Poland
– comments Roman Durka, Vice-president of Sygnity S.A.

Sygnity has always been a strong player on the public sector IT services supplier market. Throughout the delivery of the e-Tax project we are aware of the responsibility we have been entrusted with. Providing the tax administration with the next functionality of the new system was a huge satisfaction to us, and taking into account the scale of the project – also a reason for pride. The project we are delivering will make the lives of millions of Poles easier and will bring us closer to the European standards of customer friendly administration – stresses Janusz R. Guy, President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

These functionalities of the Tax Portal concern the Fixed Tax (KP), Tax on Civil Law Transactions (PCC), Tax on Inheritance and Gifts (SD) and the Personal Income Tax PIT-37 return form. Under the e-Tax project, the Ministry of Finance is planning to make these functionalities also available for other taxes – PIT, CIT and VAT.

PDF (200.39 kB) The Tax Portal is already available to taxpayers. Sygnity completes another delivery stage of the e-Tax project.    

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