• 19.12.2013

    Development of the Wroclaw Education Integrated Management System is successfully completed. The project was delivered by Sygnity SA, one of the market leaders specialized in development and deployment of the integrated IT systems. In less a year and a half, an uniform, central system was developed, supporting the work of the employees of 244 educational facilities and of the Education Department of the Wroclaw City Office. This is the first in Poland project of the IT system delivered on such scale.

    PDF (227.07 kB) Sygnity integrated the Wroclaw education!   
  • 20.05.2013

    Sygnity S.A. public company, leading player on the IT and new technologies market among the companies providing the deployment and software services in the public administration, banking and power sector, presented its financial results for the 2Q and 1H of the accounting year 2012/2013.

    PDF (437.14 kB) Sygnity SA - financial results 1HY 2012/2013   
  • 06.02.2013

    Sygnity SA signed another contract for supply of equipment for the purposes of modernization and development of network infrastructure in the area of Data Center. The offer of Sygnity SA was selected as the most advantageous one under the open public tender for modernization of equipment and system of the NHF Central Office Data Center. The contract value is gross PLN 2 789 thousand and includes 12-month servicing period.

    PDF (158.03 kB) Sygnity SA modernizes the nhf system   
  • 01.02.2013

    Signing the contact with the Ministry of Finances completes the tender procedure. Sygnity SA signed one of the most important contracts in the company’s history for Development, deployment and maintenance of the e-Podatki System with auxiliary services with the Ministry of Finance. Total gross value of the contract amounts to PLN 232 101 000.

    PDF (229.73 kB) e-Podatki finally with Sygnity SA   
  • 11.01.2013

    Sygnity SA public company, within the structures responsible for the projects dedicated to the public sector, established the new Business Area: Solutions for the Health Market. Artur Słoniec, manager with long-term experience in the Company and in health sector, was appointed the new Director of the department.

    PDF (227.43 kB) Sygnity SA invests in the structures responsible for IT solutions for the health market   
  • 07.12.2012

    Sygnity S.A., leading provider of IT solutions in Poland, published its development strategy for 2013-2015. The Company will be profitable at all levels of profit and loss account, with predictable revenues and cost structure comparable with the best performing domestic IT companies.

    PDF (272.44 kB) Information on the Sygnity Group's development strategy for 2013-2015   
  • 05.11.2012

    Sygnity focuses on modern operating structures. The Operations Department reporting directly to the CEO has been enhanced. At the same time a Marketing, External Relations and Corporate Communications Department has been established. 

    DOCX (57.64 kB) Sygnity changes operational structure   

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