New challenges of multichannel communication

Tomasz Gibas, Director of Digital Services Development, in his speech at the IT@Bank conference addressed the topic of new challenges in multichannel communication. The lecture took place on the third day of the conference on 24.11.2021 under the keynote title “A fully digital bank”.

Our colleague’s presentation takes the audience through the challenges that financial institutions face on a daily basis, starting with the huge amount of data collected over the years, the ever-increasing information from communication and customer service channels and the need to analyse data quality for modern personalisation and continuous interaction with the customer, employee and cooperating partners. In the second plan, Tomasz presented the challenge of technological debt and the separability of implemented systems, which often require manual work in their operation. Finally, the third aspect, no less important, which is Cyber Security and the need to integrate services on cloud solutions.

The above – properly addressed by platforms supporting digital experience of a bank’s client, employee and partner – should allow to aggregate and optimally use data from external communication channels (such as website, mobile application or social channels), aggregate and use data from internal communication channels (such as Intranet) and take care of managing incoming suggestions for optimisation of processes and tools suggested by employees.

The team working on the above issues presented a way to achieve satisfaction with service (read communication) in the form of a cause-effect funnel:

The above communication path starting in different channels simultaneously (omnichannel – multi-channel communication). That is, customer access via a website, mobile application, call centre or actual visit to a bank outlet. Appropriately equipped with tools that manage expectations, i.e. the SX Platform (Internet), Marketplace (addressing the sale of additional services in the banking channel), Extranet, for cooperation with bank partners, as well as automation of communication in the Voice channel or Chat Bot.

The focal point of the above assumptions becomes the DX platform, which is able to combine the expectations of employees, customers and partners cooperating with the bank. Tomasz referred to the fact of new technological partnerships that Sygnity has established to actually manage expectations in this area.