Fleet system for the MOYA fuel station chain


We have completed the project for implementing a fleet card in the Polish chain of MOYA partner fuel stations, which involved establishment of a central chain operation system. 


PetroStation – a modern sales and management support system – is intended for fuel station owners. This solution allows for introducing the MOYA FIRMA fleet card program, which supports car fleet management. The driver of a company car who holds a MOYA FIRMA company car will be able to make a non-cash purchase of fuel as well as of other chosen goods or services.


Piotr Niemczyk, Director for Fuel Station Chain Organization: Thanks to the implementation of the MOYA FIRMA fleet cards, based on the PetroStation solution, we hope to obtain access to a larger number of customers, and to increase the sales potential of the MOYA fuel station chain. Nowadays, possessing a fleet card in the offer is a must for every station chain which wants to occupy a major position in the market.


The system will allow the MOYA chain to launch its own fleet and to carry out integration with other fleets. It will also ensure efficient and fast handling of non-cash and fleet transactions through the use of a soft-terminal. The solution will also increase the efficiency of retail sales and allow for fast and easy flow of information between the stations and the company’s head office and, as a result, will facilitate management of all customer information.


PetroStation has been developed with the aim of providing support for companies whose business activity requires increasing the efficiency of sales and warehouse management processes. The application supports the operation and business development of fuel stations, increasing their attractiveness and competitiveness. It is destined for both owners of fuel stations carrying out independent business activity and for those belonging to larger organizational structures. 


Sebastian Herod, Director for Fuel & Retail Area: PetroStation meets all requirements posed today to both station systems and central systems with regard to full support for fuel station chains. We have delivered our own product, which is a comprehensive solution for a fuel chain, and in particular supports handling of fleet cards. 


MOYA is a Polish chain of partner fuel stations, which belongs to ANWIM SA. ANWIM SA has been present in the market since 1992, while the MOYA chain of fuel stations has been operating since 2009, and at present numbers over 30 stations. By the end of 2011, 50 fuel stations with the MOYA logo are to operate throughout the country.


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