MPWiK SA in Wrocław

Implementation of the System of Technical Infrastructure Management (GIS) along with stocktaking and hydraulic modelling of water supply and sewage network.


The customer has been awarder distinctions for the implementation within competition organized by "Nowy Przemysł" - "The most interesting implementations out of the best IT ones" for 2011.

We have implemented a complex GIS class solution at the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Wrocław. The Client needed the system which would allow for, inter alia:

  • providing many consumers with electronic services in the form of mapped Internet services related to spatial information, 
  • full IT support to manage technical infrastructure, its events and elaboration of main business processes based mainly on a digital map,
  • verification and automation of data processing procedures,
  • reduction of time of making decisions by fast transmission of current and coherent data and allowing their versatile processing and analysis, 
  • monitoring of network elements and optimisation of operational costs,
  • ensuring the required security level of spatial data,
  • reduction of costs of development and maintenance of IT systems.


Within the framework of needs defined in such a way, along with our partners we have provided the custom-designed system of Integrated Technical Infrastructure (ZIT). The works on this solution within the framework of water supply and sewage network covered a construction of digital industry map, partial stocktaking of the network, construction and calibration of hydraulic model, as well as integration of ZIT with the Integrated IT System (ZSI) of the client as well as offering public services (e-services) related to spatial informatisation.


The ZIT system is based on open and development architecture and built in compliance with the provisions of OpenGIS, OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and INSPIRE EU Directive. The solution is also compliant with the effective Polish and EU legal regulations.


The solution is based on one, common, spatial database with a possibility of access through interfaces to other ZSI databases which contain key data. The system modules support effective management of water supply and sewage network, integrate the company activities at all necessary levels and company working areas.


One of the most significant benefits is the opportunity to standardise and verify graphic and descriptive data of technical infrastructure in graphic environment based on the digital industry map. 


The solution supports the client work in terms of current operation, work of maintenance dispatchers, investment processes, elaboration of redevelopment concepts and network modernisation, arrangement of connecting new customers and issuing technical specifications for redevelopment. Moreover, it allows for diagnosing technical condition of the network and conducting a range of complex spatial analyses. The system allows for collecting more coherent and complete knowledge, which results in better and more effective management of the entire company and elimination of losses so important in this kind of activity. 


The solution has been integrated with the remaining Company systems – ERP, CRM, SCADA, BI – forming the Client's Integrated IT System.


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