Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw

mySAP Business Suite in the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw


Sygnity (formerly WINUEL) is implementing an integrated IT system - mySAP Business Suite - which supports the management of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw – the largest Polish unit of the local self-government sector. 


The Office will use the following system modules:

  • FI – financial accounting 
  • FM – budget accounting 
  • CO – controlling 
  • FI-AA – fixed assets management 
  • FI-CA – mass customer service in the area of revenue 
  • HR – HR management 
  • BW – data warehouse


The launch of the SAP system will render obsolete the use of several applications which so far have operated independently of each other, as insular solutions. The integrated modules of the SAP system support the realization of the office's statutory tasks and allow the managerial staff to improve its management to a considerable degree.


Owing to architecture based on a single database, the information is entered in one system location and each module may use it, as may a system user depending on his/her access rights. 


A benefit which deserves special attention is the potential for full budget service under the task-based system, from the planning stage to generation of budget reporting. Each organizational unit at the office, including districts, prepares its budget which is then consolidated at the level of the whole city. Since 2007, the city budget has been planned solely using the SAP system.


The HR module, supporting HR management, stores the data of more than 10,000employees and calculates salaries for almost 7,500 people. The system enables the analysis and simulation of the salary fund and its individual components for 19 budgets (Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw plus 18 districts). Thanks to the tools applied in the module and used for, among others, simulation of consequences of change in the organizational structure or simulation of HR changes (including promotions, retirement benefits, social benefits fund), the process of planning and managing such a large unit is significantly eased. 

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