ZUS launches a new information portal


A new information portal of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), one of the main elements constituting the Platform of Electronic Services (PUE), is now available for customers. The portal created by Sygnity S.A. enables access to services provided by Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) via Internet. Thanks to a special profile, each policyholder can make an appointment in ZUS’s branch, check the amount of his or her future pension and submit an online application. ZUS customers can also benefit from a Virtual Adviser that answers questions and helps to navigate the website. The ePłatnik (e-Payer) application is an improvement for small and medium businesses enabling them to use ZUS services online. Owing to its compatibility with the banking service system standards, the portal guarantees the highest degree of security and full confidentiality. The project amounted to PLN 18.1 mln gross.   

Implementation of the new information portal allows ZUS’s customers to create a personal profile and use its services without the need of visiting the institution’s branches. Thanks to the portal, each user has an easy access to data registered on his or her individual account, but can also collect documents from ZUS or make an appointment in one of the branches on an exact date. Each policyholder can easily check the amount of collected premiums and on that basis calculate the actual amount of their future pension. The portal provides also the possibility of verifying whether a person is insured, whether the payer pays premiums to ZUS and what the amount of funds gathered on an open pension fund is. A Virtual Adviser, that welcomes all users on the homepage, answers questions, helps to search for information and assists in navigating the website.

Thanks to solutions implemented by Sygnity, the user can also submit applications online by filling out an electronic form. “Launching this portal marks a new beginning in ZUS’s communication with policyholders. From this day on, applying for rehabilitation benefit or benefit payments or even issuing an insurance certificate can all be done remotely. Moreover, the response of ZUS will also be delivered electronically and notified by email and by text message – provided your profile is set up properly. If the response is not read by the policyholder within seven days, the document will be sent on paper. The portal has been designed to meet the customers’ needs and to save time which, up to this point, was wasted in agencies.” – says Magdalena Taczanowska, Vice-President of the Management Board at Sygnity S.A. responsible for the public sector.

As regards enterprises, what will be a major improvement for them is the ePłatnik (e-Payer) application which allows small and medium businesses to benefit from internet services in both an easy and secure way. The user-friendly module, thanks to its wizard, access to payer’s and policyholders’ data, will lead the payer step by step through the process of filling out both billing and registration documents. All of this will be done without errors and the documents will be sent to ZUS straight away.   

Sygnity’s solutions offered to ZUS in the new information portal ensure the highest degree of security. “The portal has been designed to be compatible with the banking service system standards which guarantee the highest degree of security and full confidentiality. As a result, each user can be sure that their data is secure and no action can be made by an unauthorized person. The requirement to use certified signature and trusted profile (ePUAP) as an authentication method in public administration systems is yet another advantage.” – sums up Magdalena Taczanowska.     

Within the framework of the project, Sygnity S.A. introduced, inter alia, a portal part, electronic forms, virtual adviser, functionality of ePłatnik (e-Payer) and the so-called bus of electronic services which created the foundation for ZUS’s electronic communication. The project comprised both commercial solutions (e.g. SoftwareAG platform, webMEthods) and open source solutions (e.g. PostgreSQL database, EnterpriseDB and Red Hat products). The completed project amounted to PLN 18.1 mln gross.

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