Sygnity for Public Administration


Sygnity is one of the market leaders in solutions for the public sector. As the domain and technology experts, we participate in the most important transformation projects for tax and customs administration as well as healthcare thus creating solid foundations for the e-state. This is how we provide the highest standard digitalization for the country.

Our achievements

We have created and are continuously developing many of the central public records. We are implementing one of the most advanced tax systems in Europe, the e-Tax. Sygnity systems control and settle billions of zloties for programs against unemployment and for social help. We facilitate everyday functioning of public administration in the whole country.

Main Clients

Local governments
District and Regional Labour Offices
Social Welfare Centers
Government ministries
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office for Foreigners
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Administration and Digitization
Minister of Justice
Prosecution General
Uniformed services
Polish Armed Forces
Central Anti-Corruption Bureau
Border Guards
State Fire Service
Customs Service
Polish Social Insurance Institution
Polish National Health Fund
Central Statistical Office of Poland
Center for Health Information Systems

Polish Post Office
University of Silesia in Katowice
Medical University of Lublin
Jagiellonian University in Cracow


  Health care
Analysis and monitoring of the healthcare market
Fraud detection system
Medical data sharing platforms on the regional level
  Social assistance programs
Labor market analysis and reporting
Process automation for employment offices
Automation of social security operations
  Local governments
Managing education budgets
Back-office process management
  Tax administration
Tax registers
Process automation

Key Solutions

Data warehouse
Health Care

Data warehouse in a project P1. Over 5,000 reports and over
1,500 indicators to monitor key areas of the health
care system in Poland.

Tax administration > Tax registers

Centralization of tax registers and transformation of key
tax administration systems, based on
the American GenTax platform.

Local governments > managing education budgets

Optimization of data sharing between schools and local education departments and managing local government education budgets.

Integrated domain
Local governments > Back-office process management

Automation of key finance processes, register management,
on-going analysis and reporting.