The banking sector continues to maintain its rapid rate of transformation. Trends and needs still change and so is our way of benefiting from products and services.  


Thanks to cooperation with banks and other financial institutions in Poland and numerous European and Asian countries, we have gained comprehensive experience. We supply equipment used for direct customer service: ATMs, SSTs, banknote counters and  cash-handling equipment. Our state-of-the-art solutions enable servicing customers within the front-end processes while e-banking ensures direct contact between individual and corporate customers and the banking service system. 


Central systems adapted and adjusted to the needs of our customers are the core of each bank. Without the reporting systems based on the advanced data warehouses and analytic tools, efficient bank management seems unfeasible, therefore our experts, using their comprehensive knowledge and skills continue to implement highly advanced technological solutions. Targeted reporting systems provide obligatory reports for the National Bank of Poland, Ministry of Finance and other institutions, whereas the UPSS allows for execution of internal and external bank settlements. The internal management system, based on ORACLE solutions, provides the opportunity of management of a bank as business entity.

Servicing key bank operations

Thanks to long-term experience in implementing transactional applications in banks, we provide even more excellent products and services for the primary banking system. These solutions address the needs of the banks in the scope of servicing retail, corporate and investment banking as well as banking...

Credit management

Our credit application service systems enable comprehensive support of all stages of the credit product life-cycle and include, among others: product definition registration of the credit application application opinion-giving and verification process preparing credit dossier, issuing of the...


We have developed highly advanced and convenient communication platform for the customer and its bank. Our solution is intended for the e-banking systems and provides customers with safety, reliability and flexibility. It also enables multi-entity management within a single installation, simultaneous...

Mobile banking

Our services include development and production of software for mobile platforms: cell phones, smartphones, tablets, palmtops and game consoles. Our offer addresses firstly and foremostly the needs of banks and financial institutions. We provide business analysis, architecture development, system...

Automation systems for banks

We have gained long-term experience in developing automation systems for the banks, covering designing, production, installation and servicing the systems themselves and self-service equipment in banks and financial institutions. We provide comprehensive technical service in the scope of supplying...

Calculating capital requirements

Calculation of the capital requirements is subject to regular controls of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which means the necessity of ensuring complete transparency and auditability of the calculation and reporting process. Top quality, accessibility and efficiency are also required, i.e....

Customer information management

Nowadays, one of the major challenges for banks is gaining full knowledge of their customers, which is important when defining profitability of cooperation, real risk level or even type of the offer. In addition, it provides the bank with information on the customer’s preferences on a given product,...

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