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Fee and charges management system

Income on fees and charges is one of the key items in banks' balance sheets. The ability to manage these parameters on an ongoing basis is becoming now one of the most important areas of a bank's operations.

Observing the growing banks' demand to be able to manage efficiently fees and charges, as well as special offers for Customers, Sygnity has prepared a new billing system - FlexiFee. This solution can bring numerous benefits in various areas.

Business benefits for the Bank


  • Flexible definition of time and the amount of a special offer
  • Analysis of the profitability of banded packs
  • Configurable banded packs
  • Ongoing management of product pack
  • Comprehensive calculation of charges
  • Increased revenues and profitability
  • Controlling customers' behaviour through pricing
  • Increased customer loyalty and attracting new customers
  • Reducing the time of the implementation of new products and packs


It is important for a Bank not only to win new Customers, but also not to lose any Customer from the portfolio of existing ones. The costs of winning a new customer are many times higher than those of maintaining the existing ones.

The FlexiFee billing system enables flexible and efficient definition of loyalty schemes. The most important of the numerous available options are as follows:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Flexible offer configuration
  • Quick integration with bonus plans
  • Individualization of the offer for the Customer


The main features of the system


  • It is used for charging for products handled in the Bank's transactional systems
  • It enables planning and implementation of special offers designed for any goods at any time
  • It allows for personalizing offers for customers and using individual bonuses and tariffs


Operational benefits


  • Detecting and preventing revenue losses
  • Flexible billing and statement generation
  • Reduced costs, expenses and time of the preparation of statements and billings
  • Ease of management


Technological benefits

  • SOA and ease of integration
  • Scalability
  • Parameterization
  • Possible extension into other business lines


The system enables real-time acquisition of information on the direct financial benefits resulting from the application of FlexiFee, and it is capable of making it available to Customers via electronic channels.

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