Electrical power engineering

We are a leading provider of solutions for utility companies operating in the electrical power engineering sector. Our solutions are comprehensive, professional, modern, and first of all adjusted to the customer’s needs. We provide companies with IT solutions and tools supporting: production and sale of energy, settlement of energy trade and service sale, management of metering data, provision of the distribution service, customer service and management of spatial assets.

Smart Metering Smart Grid

Implementation of integrated AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) tools will not only help improve the quality of financial settlements for distribution services, but will also decisively improve the standard of customer service and increase the efficiency of management of balancing metering systems. We...


Rational and efficient operation of distribution system operators requires support from modern IT systems. The main areas which require such support are distribution system management, processes involved in the provision and settlement of distribution services, and maintenance of relations and contacts...


The energy market is becoming increasingly competitive. We offer IT tools that will help energy sellers build their competitive advantage in that market. Our solutions support trading companies with respect to: sale of electric energy to retail recipients effective acquisition of retail and bulk...


Efficient settlement of goods and service sales is of key importance for the basic business of electrical power engineering companies. We offer IT tools which support settlements carried out by energy market entities. Our solutions support energy market participants with respect to: concluding...

Customer service

The customer, though positioned at the end of the chain of relations in the energy market, is its most important link. Hence an issue of key importance for power engineering companies is effective customer service, which is guaranteed by the products in our offer. We propose solutions which support...


Electric energy producers constitute the beginning of the chain of relations in the energy market. Hence it is important to provide long-term IT support guaranteed by our solutions for the processes they execute. We deliver systems which support electric energy producers with respect to: preparing...


We have been introducing the electronic world into the energy world for many years. We have supported creation of new rules for energy market operation based on modern technologies. Among many innovative IT concepts, solutions and strategies, there are those created for PSE Operator – operator...

Management of network assets

Our experience allows for automation of all asset management processes in companies whose operation is based on a distribution or transmission network, as well as on arbitrary spatial resources. We propose solutions which support energy market entities with respect to: management of full life cycle...

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