Employment and social assistance


For many years we have been delivering advanced IT solutions for the employment and social security market, which facilitate the operation of employment agencies, organizational units of social assistance and competent authorities (SR/FA). 


Our products are implemented in all district employment agencies (Syriusz, eDOK), Voivodship Office departments (Viator, SAC), in 5 Marshall’s Offices (SR), in over 270 district family assistance centres (POMOST), in over 1,700 social assistance centres (POMOST), as well as in over 1,400 competent authorities (SR/FA) and in the Labour and Social Policy Ministry (SAC, AC).


Public employment services

Our offer of advanced applications addressed to public employment services includes: SyriuszStd, which represents a basic IT tool supporting provision of services by district employment agencies, first of all to the unemployed and employers. SyriuszStd enables secure data exchange both with other...

Social security

Our system enables registration and qualification of applications for child benefits with supplements, attendance benefits, one-off newborn benefits, alimony fund benefits, school scholarships and benefits, incentive scholarships and housing benefits. In addition, it automates and supports the benefit...

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