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For many years, we have been cooperating with central administration units in the process of their computerization. We offer applications designed to suit specific needs and tasks, deliver system integration solutions, as well as install LAN/WAN networks and provide the necessary hardware.


Together with the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Administration, we carry out projects enabling implementation of a new model of administration services for citizens, compliant with the applicable legal regulations. They concern areas such as population records, marital status registration and identity cards. The systems we produce and implement operate both on the level of central registers maintained by the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Administration and on the level of local government administration authorities.


One of such solutions is the Integrated End User Service Module with Polish acronym ZMOKU –– designated for supporting tasks of commune authorities connected with population records, identity cards and marital status registration using the services of central systems (State Register System – PESEL and OEWiUDO). 


System components:

  • ZMOKU-EL – application for handling population records
  • ZMOKU-SDO – application which provides handling of identity cards according to the “old” Act on population records and identity cards
  • ZMOKU-DO – application which provides handling of identity cards according to the ”new” Act on identity cards 
  • ZMOKU-SC – application for handling registry deeds


Thanks to our partnership-based cooperation with the Central Statistical Office lasting for a few years, we are able to offer technologies and solutions which support conducting various types of questionnaire-based and statistical surveys. They require direct data acquisition in the field (through interviews with responders, with the use of mobile terminals and electronic forms) and their gathering in a central database for further processing and elaboration of results.


We provide a full scope of services – consultations, requirement analysis and application construction, infrastructure delivery and configuration, comprehensive implementation, support and maintenance of solutions. The competences of our experts and the highest quality of the ASPIS System they developed and implemented were confirmed during the 2010 General Agricultural Census and the 2011 General National Census. 


Our solutions were used in the 2011 General National Census by census agents throughout the country (25 thousand simultaneous users). The mobile terminals used by agents enabled direct data exchange and voice communication with Voivodship Census Offices.

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