Self-government bodies

We develop and implement IT projects which facilitate the operation of state agencies and institutions.

Back-office solutions, which support operation of the office, together with e-office solutions, which provide citizens with on-line access to services, help self-government authorities to efficiently perform their statutory tasks, and ensure efficient communication with customers. They also support many areas of self-government activities, like public security, as well as management of self-government units and e-society undertakings.

Electronic office access

Electronic office access solutions are a group of products that allow for establishing a platform for citizen’s online contact with offices of local government units. The solutions consist of independent products that can operate either on their own or in an integrated form. They include, among...

Office and education management

Our offer for local government units includes solution which provides support for management of the units in selectedaspects of their operation. We provide the ENKI Management Reporting System of Business Intelligence class. The ENKI Management Reporting System is our product, designed to support managerial...

Crisis management and rescue services

The solutions we have developed using cutting edge IT technologies support efficient and reliable performance of the tasks fulfilled by Security and Crisis Management Departments, Medical Rescue services and the Police. The products offered include: an IT platform supporting execution of security...

Support for municipal electronic services

We offer a modern and secure solution for distribution and handling of public services provided in electronic form by a town/commune to the residents. We make use of our long-term experience in the construction and operation (outsourcing) of electronic systems for collecting fees for public services...

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