During the next 5 – 10 years, we will witness essential transformations of the telecom market. 


Instruments for everyday analysis of customer needs, modern Business Intelligence tools using  analytics for expanding knowledge of them, will become a must. Faster rollout of new services  will become of increasing importance for keeping the competitors at bay, and limiting their possibilities of taking over customers. Existing IT tools will be replaced with new ones on all levels of running the business: from passporting through sales, provisioning, dynamic network configuration, spatial analyses, up to an aggregated report on the present portfolio condition. 


The transformation will mainly consist in optimization and simplification of the business and IT infrastructure, aimed at reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of the pursued business activity. This necessitates the use of modern IT tools - which is why we develop product supporting the change process that will help our Customers to continue development and build a competitive advantage.


Marketing campaign management

The main tasks of the marketing campaign management system is to research behaviours of the campaign recipients. Each campaign aims at encouraging the users to pay high amounts into the accounts, increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and securing the pre-paid base against migration to another...

Orders management

Orders management is a complex and quite complicated challenge faced by most of large and medium enterprises. We have been specializing in the delivery of such products for the telecommunications sector for many years. Our solutions enable among others: service of all stages of order placed by...

Service management

In the field of providing and maintaining services we have been using ITIL methodology-based implementations for years. This is a set of good practices independent of the type of performed business activity and used technology. Our customers are supported in the following areas: service provisioning...

Network planning and recording

Network recording is a component of OSS (Operations Support Systems) – class software. We provide a number of IT solutions aiming at simplification of current OSS environment and its replacing by a new and more efficient platform. Our solution includes: highly advanced process engine conforming...

Billing mediation

The billing process depends on seamless and continuous data flow between the elements of the manager network and the billing systems. Telecommunications market evolution and implementation of new technologies force the operators to quickly respond to the changes on the service market. To enable the above,...

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