The judiciary


We develop comprehensive solutions using advanced IT technologies which facilitate operation of the judiciary domain. The products designed for this sector include, among others, solutions for the Ministry of Justice, common courts, prosecutor’s offices and the prison service.


The most important projects completed recently for the judiciary domain include: 

  • the National Court Register (Polish acronym: KRS) – register of all companies operating in Poland
  • New Land and Mortgage Register (Polish acronym: NKW) 
  • Central Pledge Register (Polish acronym: CRZ) – system for maintaining central records of Court Pledges 
  • IT System for Monitor Sądowy (official court journal) 
  • Court Session Support System (Polish acronym: SWOR) 
  • SINUS – integrated teamwork system, supporting document flow and adjusted to operation in regional and district courts, in commercial, civil, penal and municipal departments
  • IT system for Central Prison Service Authority (Noe.NET)
  • Multimedia Court Room (Polish acronym: MSR) 


We have designed and implemented in the Central Data Processing Centre of the Ministry of Justice, Land and Mortgage Register migration centres, branches of the MJ Central Information Service and all Land and Mortgage Register Departments of regional courts the New Land and Mortgage Register (Polish acronym KW) IT system. 


The system covers:

  • support for office work in Land and Mortgage Register Departments 
  • establishment and maintenance of Land and Mortgage Registers in the IT system
  • migration of the contents of Land and Mortgage Registers maintained in the traditional form to the IT system
  • issuance of certified copies of Land and Mortgage Registers in printout form 
  • providing authorized entities and citizens with direct access over the Internet to up-to-date information on the contents of Land and Mortgage Registers established and maintained in the IT system


We also provide a full scope of services covering NKW maintenance in the Head Office and in 359 Land and Mortgage Register Departments and migration centres. We provide installation and configuration of the technical environment required for NKW processing, as well as technical support services and training of system users and administrators.


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