Digital transformation
for business and government

We combine business expertise and technological knowledge in order to provide IT solutions that transform business and government into technology driven enterprises.

For the last 30 years we have been working with the largest companies and the most important public institutions in Poland helping them in achieving strategic goals.

In our teams, business experts work hand in hand with IT specialists in order to design, implement and maintain technologies improving business processes and making Polish citizens’ lives easier.

30years on the market

25years on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

8 000successfully implemented projects

Our expertise

At Sygnity we are transforming business and government into technology driven enterprises.

We help our business clients use technology to build a long-lasting market advantage. Our solutions optimize processes, improve management, and make strategic decisions easier and data driven. 

We support Polish public administration in major transformation projects, forming a solid foundations for digital government.

Industry 4.0


Digital government

Cloud solutions

Digital transformation

Blue collar software

Smart metering

Process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Big data & Data mining

Smart logistics

Our team

Business analysts and consultants

as well as technology enthusiasts who understand
the processes on the clients’ end and have both
an in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive
industry expertise.

Architects and programmers

as well as testers and project managers
who are able to adapt tools and technologies
to real clients’ needs and expectations.

Our focus areas

Software production, implementation
and maintenance

IT consultancy

IT infrastructures

Infrastructure and applications

Software auditing and testing

IT outsourcing


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