• We are pioneers of the Polish IT market – we’ve been operating since 1991.
  • We emerged in a result of ComputerLand and Emax merger.
  • In 1995, as one of the first IT companies
    we were listed on the stock exchange.
  • 26 years of supporting our clients.
  • 22 years of listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • 8000 successfully completed projects.
  • 1300 highly qualified employees.

We support business development
of our Clients

  • Understanding the needs and area of the Client’s business activity is of key significance to us as the IT advisory company.
  • Our Clients are our partners. We perceive cooperation with our clients from the objective perspective. We don’t keep to one path - we introduce changes to deliver the expected result.
  • We are aware that time is one of the most valuable resources. Therefore we instantly adapt to the changing conditions as well as the requirements and needs of our Clients.
  • Today, the Clients search for advisors with know-how providing support in change processes, adjusting their business activity to high market requirements and enabling gaining advantage over the competition. That is the reason for our continuous skill improvements, combining 25-years of experience with expert knowledge and strategic approach
  • We offer the advanced technologies, innovative services and top-quality products ensuring our Clients that their business is supported by the latest technological developments.

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