My Auto Assistant

My Auto Assistant

A mobile application for car leasing companies and their customers

My Auto Assistant

My Auto Assistant (MAA) is a solution supporting customers of car leasing companies and customer service on the part of the lessor. The solution developed by Sygnity consists of a mobile application (installed by customers on their mobile phones) and a Back-office system used by the leasing company’s customer service department.

The application operated on the mobile phone presents information about the vehicle used and leasing contracts, as well as allows you to call for help in emergency situations. Thanks to the application, the customer always has control over the status of settlements and access to invoice history. He is provided with the data needed to use fuel cards.

The application makes it easier for the driver to contact assistance and the claim hotline. It supports the driver in arranging a visit to a workshop, tire service, as well as in finding the nearest workshop, taking into account the current location of the driver (GPS coordinates).

The application has a notification mechanism that reminds its user of upcoming events, e.g. dates of service visits or technical examinations.

The Back-office system, used by employees of the leasing company, enables the handling of customer workshop visit orders and, thanks to the notification mechanism, gives the opportunity to send sales messages and messages to all or selected customers, supporting marketing campaigns.

For whom?

MAA is an ideal solution for car leasing companies – it improves the quality of their services and introduces process automation, eliminating some activities performed by call center or customer service employees. The leasing company becomes the business owner of the solution, and its customers are “end users” of the functionality offered by the application. Customers install and use the MAA application on mobile phones on their own (supported platforms: Android, iOS, PWA).

As MAA is Sygnity’s proprietary solution, it is worth emphasizing that it is possible to introduce any changes to the application to adapt it to the expectations of our customers.

This also means that the solution does not have to be limited to car leasing. After minor changes, it can also handle the leasing of any equipment e.g., agricultural or medical. This version is called MLA (My Leasing Assistant).

Business benefits

Cost savings

thanks to the high automation of the solution, relieving the employees of the leasing company from repetitive tasks,

Satisfaction of the company's customers

and thus their retention and acquisition of new ones,

Strengthening the company's image

on the market, distinguishing it from the competition as a company that is friendly and open for the customer,

Increasing sales

thanks to direct and mass distribution of offers tailored to a specific customer,

Ongoing control

of tasks performed by the customer service department,

Easy and convenient integration

with existing after-sales business processes,

Monetization of customer contact

by providing a direct marketing channel in the mobile application.

Selected functionalities

arranging service visits - map and list of favorite workshops, support for self-arranged visits and with the help of lessor operators, navigation to the workshop;

control of settlements with the lessor - current balance, list of paid and unpaid invoices, insight into invoice details;

support for incidents on the road and in parking lots - presentation of the procedure scenario, contact with assistance;

notifications support - notifications about the date of visits, expiring contracts, marketing and information messages;

presentation of fuel card data - range of services available for payment with the card, card number and pin, support for saving the current mileage of the car;

view vehicle, contract and insurance details - summary of information about the car and contracts, presentation of contract and insurance documents.

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