Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

Sygnity is an official partner of Adobe (read more). Sygnity is an accredited sales partner of Adobe in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of applications and services built on a single platform and designed specifically for exceptional customer experiences. It offers the most comprehensive tools for analyzing customer behavior, building content, creating engagement and much more.

Digital Foundation

For new customers, Adobe has created a starter package they call “Digital Foundation,” which features a simplified infrastructure for system performance and continued easy expandability and scalability.

The most important benefit of implementing a system of this configuration is a platform that is ready to run in up to 90 days. (*Implementation length depends on the complexity of integration, number of sites to build or move)

The benefits of taking advantage of an accelerated deployment program are:

  • marketer – and developer-friendly tools to meet business and implementation goals
  • A set of tools to engage customers through relevant, personalized digital experiences across multiple channels
  • access to a complete customer view and the ability to track and measure all customer interactions
  • tools for effective selection of the most appropriate products and services for each customer segment

The suite includes solutions Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analitycs and Adobe Target.

Contact our expert, to learn more about Adobe’s “Digital Foundation” capabilities and see what the architecture of such a solution looks like.


Addressing the above Sygnity will help you in:

Requirements workshop and digital needs analysis

  • identification of areas for digital transformation
  • required connections of customer information systems
  • developing and formalizing the purpose of digital transformation

Building the concept of an ideal digital experience

  • new and existing customer definitions
  • defining the customer path (Customer Journey)
  • developing strategies to build further conversions

Implementation of the concept and launch of accelerated conversion

  • adjusting the customer interaction platform in the Customer Experience area
  • combining the channels of omnichannel strategy
  • combining data sources to provide the best personalized experience

Maintenance and further development

  • expand the implemented CX system with additional modules, including: traffic analytics, marketing targeting, marketing expenditure control, campaign profitability calculation
  • integration of the implemented system with the existing CRM and ERP systems
  • development in order to ensure the so-called Total Experience

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 

Adobe Experience Manager Sites & Assets Icon

One platform for all your content and digital asset management needs.

Adobe enables you to create and manage content in a convenient and accessible way. In conjunction with other applications, it allows you to personalize content and deliver content to different devices across different IT channels (omnichannel).

The solution can be deployed in any cloud min. The solution can be implemented in any cloud, including Google, AWS or Azure. Sygnity together with Adobe will ensure the highest quality of service and SLA requirements. The cloud solution in this area is of great importance, especially in the case of many simultaneous interactions with users. It is also possible to implement the system on the customer’s IT infrastructure.

Adobe Experience Manager is:


Content creation and management. Managing multi-channel (omnichannel)


Creating and managing digital assets.


Forms and logic for managing customer communications


Deliver dynamic, interactive experiences to physical locations

In addition to the content management product (CMS), a dedicated digital asset management (DAM) system is now available. The system is also complemented by FORMS modules (ready-made forms with business logic) and Screens (which allows interaction with customers of stationary stores, bank outlets and offline channels in general).

Sygnity jest akredytowanym partnerem produktu Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites (CMS)

Adobe Experience Manager Sites & Assets Icon

Adobe Experience Manager Sites software provides the digital foundation needed to quickly create, manage, and deliver personalized, compelling content to every customer who visits a site. An intuitive drag & drop interface, pre-built components, and an easy-to-use template editor help marketers quickly deliver content with minimal effort. With access to established best practices sewn into the platform, such as core components and DevOps tools, deployment of new sites and applications is faster.

Experience Manager Sites offers the flexibility to meet the needs of your business (companies of all sizes). From marketing sites, authenticated customer portals, and employee intranets to new digital channels like smart speakers and smart watches, Adobe Experience Manager Sites is one CMS that manages all your content in a secure and flexible way.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets (DAM)

Adobe Experience Manager Sites & Assets Icon


Adobe has reinvented its DAM tools, turning them into a dynamic content engine that uses artificial intelligence to streamline creative workflows and automation. With the redesigned product, creative, marketing and IT teams can easily collaborate to quickly and efficiently launch highly customized experiences (Customer Experiences).

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is the only DAM that provides deep, built-in connectivity to Creative Cloud applications, which clearly impacts the creative process and how digital assets are shared between marketing team members or between a marketing agency and a client’s internal team.

Assets automatically tags, crops, and formats/scales images and video, customizing them for multi-channel communications. It also eliminates tedious metadata entry by tagging assets and pieces of content with business-specific keywords, using AI to detect and identify objects, landscapes, colors, activities and points of interest. This not only makes it easier to search for similar assets, but also streamlines input. Assets also translates search terms, allowing users to type a keyword in one language and receive results in another.

Adobe Commerce – Magento

Adobe Commerce Icon

Adobe Commerce (or Magento) provides online merchants with unparalleled flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online stores. Commerce Admin’s intuitive interface includes powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and product management tools to create sites tailored to your unique business needs.

Adobe offers two editions of Magento:

  • Magento Open Source is a self-hosted eCommerce platform with basic commerce features available for free. It offers a stable and customizable solution for growing small businesses or as a tool for prototyping new ideas and business models for larger merchants.
  • Adobe Commerce is an enterprise-class eCommerce platform that offers a richer set of pre-built features and unlimited customization and seamless integration with third-party vendors. With robustness and scalability, the Adobe Commerce platform provides a stable, secure and customizable solution for growing businesses. Adobe Commerce uses cloud-based infrastructure and has 24/7 customer support. The solution enables sales for multiple brands, geographies and currencies, as well as B2C and B2B customers from a single platform.

Adobe Commerce features versatility and ease of implementation.

B2C and B2B customer service for multiple brands, without having to launch more dedicated sites.

Mobile application
A progressive web application (PWA) that leverages browser capabilities to provide a mobile app-like experience.

Tailored for B2B sales
Business buyers, like everyone else, want a consumer-like experience. Adobe Commerce provides that opportunity.

Integrated with the Amazon sales channel
Enables sales and distribution on the world’s largest online marketplace – directly from your Magento Commerce store.

Adobe Commerce gives you the opportunity to sell products in different channels at the same time, starting with the website, mobile app, or stationary stores

Ready-made User Experience
Adobe Commerce provides many ready-made templates (formats), modules, ready to use. A rich network of third-party module providers is an added advantage.

Easy page building
The drag-and-drop approach used makes the process of creating new product pages easier and faster. This makes it very intuitive to use.

Product recommendations
Built-in product recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence and image recognition is characterized by high accuracy and ease of use.

Inventory management
Constant monitoring of inventory in online and stationary stores takes care of the convenience of customers’ shopping experience.

Order management
Predefined steps of the online shopping experience speed up the implementation of the online store.

In-store order fulfillment
Flexible order fulfillment options and sourcing algorithms make it easy to identify the closest fulfillment location and best meet diverse customer requirements.

PWA (Progressive Web Applications)
Magento Commerce provides a convenient PWA Studio tool that gives you the ability to easily transfer the required shopping experience to your mobile app.

Customer Account
An accessible customer panel, makes it easy to implement and further support customer purchases or introduce loyalty programs.

Business Intelligence
Available system allows you to collect data about the purchasing process, which can be efficiently used to build personalized experience.

A full-featured reporting and visualization feature provides the tools to analyze the collected data, information, and metrics that matter to business operations.

Cloud Solution
Magento Commerce deployed on the Adobe cloud or with others gives you the benefit of instant access to the latest software version, functionality enhancements. Importantly, the store is constantly available regardless of the amount of traffic.

Storage and data management
Magento Commerce has a built-in data warehouse. This allows you to control which data from which systems to synchronize. Ready-made integrations allow you to quickly add third-party data sources and databases.

Adobe is PCI certified as a solution provider. This means that any merchant using the Adobe Commerce solution can use the PCI compliance credential to support their own PCI certification process.

Integration with ERP
Connecting your ERP system to Magento Commerce allows you to automatically synchronize inventory, orders, customer data and shipping details between these two key systems.

Extended capabilities
A huge network of providers of additional extensions, plugins gives you the ability to quickly integrate with required systems and applications

Other applications

Each area offers several products which address selected customer needs depending on the size of the organization and digital maturity. Sygnity as a partner of Adobe will help to select and implement the appropriate Adobe Experience Cloud products.

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics
  • Adobe Real-time CDP
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Adobe Advertising
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer
  • Adobe Marketo Engage
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms
  • Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Adobe Sensei (AI)

Go to contact us and ask our expert about the products that will fit your business.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics Icon

Adobe Analytics is an essential system of data collection and analysis for businesses looking to manage user experience. The tool enables anyone in the business to understand and optimize customer interactions with the brand in real time.

The most important feature which is worth mentioning is the fact that Adobe Analytics will enable centralisation of collected data. This means that the system integrates with previously separate data silos, such as mobile, web, CRM and other systems.

The system offers extensive functionality in the following areas:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Data imaging and modeling
  • Predicting consumer behavior on the basis of analyzed data
  • Sharing data inside the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target Icon

Adobe Target is an Adobe Experience Cloud solution that provides the features you need to customize and personalize your user experience. Adobe Target helps you maximize revenue across web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels.

The Target app is available in the Adobe Experience Cloud package, which works immediately.  If you purchase only this Adobe Target application, it integrates with the site using the AEP Web SDK or JavaScript libraries.

Key features:

  • A/B tests
  • Multivariate Tests
  • Auto-Allocate
  • Auto-Target or AT
  • Automated Personalization
  • Experience Targeting

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