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FlexiFee is a system that provides full automation of processes connected with fees and commissions calculation and settlement. It allows to quickly tailor rates and tariffs to the customer’s profile (depending on freely defined parameters) and forecast revenue from them.

Implementation effects

Our solution allows clients to reduce costs and optimize the time needed for manual fees and commissions calculation, dynamically apply prices according to defined parameters and effectively help forecast revenue based on the data collected.

Business benefits

  • Minimizing costs and time needed for manual fees and commissions calculation.
  • Full automation of the processes of both rates selection and fees/commissions calculation according to defined attributes (related to customers, products or transactions).
  • Easy definition of rules based on which fees and commissions are calculated (including, among others, amount and quantity thresholds (tiers or slabs), percentage rates and flat amount rates as well as application of minimum and/or maximum rates).
  • Flexible definition of fees and commissions rates for different customers’ groups and type of offers (e.g.: standard, promotional or negotiable prices).
  • Dynamic fees and commissions rate selection, depending on both the number and amount of transactions thresholds.
  • Easy handling of activation, subscription and transaction fees and commissions, including currency conversions.
  • Forecasting revenue from fees and commissions.
  • A possibility to use either predefined set of reports or preparing new ones, depending on the Client’s needs

Implementation stages

1. Analysis of Client’s needs and design of new functionalities, depending on the Client’s needs
2. Implementation of functional extensions, interfaces and data migration tools
3. System installation at the client’s premises
4. System parametrisation and testing
5. Going live
6. System maintenance and ongoing client support

System tailored to real client’s needs

Developed standards and flexible model of cooperation allow us to adjust the system to different Client’s needs. We offer both the implementation of the whole system, allowing handling all types of fees and commissions, as well as only its selected elements with the possibility to extend the service in the future.

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