Automatic devices for accepting and dispensing banknotes and objects that use safes for their storage

TCR Vertera 6G is a specialized teller device for accepting and dispensing banknotes that are in recycling. It helps with efficient and secure customer service by successful detection of banknotes and its high mechanical efficiency. A high speed of transactions allows Vertera 6G recycler to efficiently and successfully support customer services, being also a multi-currency device (can operate up to 8 currencies). A new recycler model of the 6th generation quickly enters markets and is a leader in its class. VERTERA G6 can be equipped with an integrated module that detects SDA II banknotes with a possibility to sort them according to the recommendations of ECB article 6 of Regulations number 1338/2001 for Euro banknotes and according to the recommendations of the National Bank of Poland with regard to standards of procedures dealing with banknotes in cash turnover.

The device uses a proven, but much improved technology “Roll Storage System”. Deposits are made in LIFO order – the last entered banknote will be the first that comes out. For each of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 storing modules, any banknote value belonging to any currency can be added.

During the process of payment – after recognising and authenticating – banknotes are sorted and stored in designated modules. To increase the storage capacity, one value can be designated to several modules. Individual banknote storage modules can store at least 600 banknotes, depending on their size, VERTERA 6G can also be used for object storage (checks, bonds, envelopes etc.)


Improving customer service

reduction of queues in Bank locations.

A possibility to effectively increase sales of bank products

by automating operation of cash transactions.

Decreasing work costs

by eliminating activities connected with everyday cash accounting.

Allows to decrease a number of cash in a Bank by reducing its cost.

A possibility to reduce CIT costs

as banknotes are processed in closed circulation.

Increases cash security in an object

by using safes and secure locks that have time delays in opening.

Modular construction

reduction of costs and service time.

Any storage module can be defined as a “deposit box” for objects or for banknotes that are of different values than those available in other storage modules.

Recycler can be equipped with integrated SDA II scanner, making it is possible to use a configuration that takes the quality of banknotes into account and sorts them into those that are fitted for circulation and those that are damaged.


Cash customer service of the bank – deposits and withdrawals

Multiple currencies – operating several currencies in one device

A possibility to sort the quality of banknotes according to NBP regulations

A function of value counting

A high efficiency in banknotes authentication

A high speed of transactions

A safe storage of cash in a large capacity of deposit modules


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