Smart Chatbots

Chatbots is an innovative way of digital communication with the client that is quickly growing all over the world.

Chatbots, apart from interacting with a client, can memorize any previous conversation and the choices that were made, which makes it a tool that connects the needs of marketing and sales activities of a company – any interaction is a source of data about the client. Information in the world of Big Data and social media portrays a picture of true client’s intentions. Knowing what the client really wants can help satisfy his expectations.

A possibility to predict client’s needs allows to build more effective marketing campaigns, which will offer solutions adjusted to their personalized needs.

We adapt the functionality of Chatbot to the problems, client’s business sector that will be operated with its help. It is used in the process of system implementation models, meaning they are based on collecting answers from a previously defined list (Retrive-based model) or on algorithms of artificial intelligence (Generative model) that allow to quickly gain expected results.


It can memorize conversations with clients

and learn from them, which means that after some time replies are quicker, more precise and coherent.

It allows to build correct and accurate profiles of clients.

It allows to offer clients personalized offers

increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Reduces employees load to a minimum

so they can focus on providing services that can be done only by a person.

We offer our solution in two exploitation models:

  1. Chatbot Sygnity On-Premise
  2. Chatbot Sygnity Cloud

The models differ by the technology they use for realization of assumed functionality, which does not influence the standard and range of granted services. Both solutions operate among others on existing communication interfaces.

A choice of exploitation model of Chatbot depends on client’s expectations, as well as on legal regulations, especially those that are concerned with personal data processing for this business area.


Chatbot is:

Interface – simple and readable user’s interface, known by a client, without the need to learn new solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI)- a layer of business logic with the algorithms of machine learning (ML), which is responsible for interacting with a client, based on scenarios and data from previous interaction

Integration – connection to database, source system, knowledge bases, client’s data and informative pages

Availability of service 24/7, without any delays, queues and limitations

Answering questions about offered services

Proposition of the best offer based on client’s preferences

Registering client, his data/ order/ complaint or special wishes

Planning meetings and calendars

Transferring the conversation to a person after encountering a problem that cannot be solved automatically or if there is such a scenario


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