Competencies of transactional systems teams

Sygnity S.A. has more than 20 years of experience in implementing, developing and maintaining transactional systems. Our competences cover the following systems:

Our team have experience in all areas of bank activities gained in Poland as well as abroad.

Sygnity S.A. offers several different models of cooperation, depending on the needs of our Clients, in order to adapt to the requirements in the best possible way.

1. Using the competences of Sygnity S.A. team

Cooperation using competences, in specific functional areas and relevant teams within the agreed project scope and price. This model is optimal because it means safe execution and delivery of a defined task at agreed costs and time schedule.

2. Hiring consultants in T&M model

The T&M model allows the involvement of consultants to the extent necessary for the proper implementation of the project. Particularly in situations requiring flexibility from all parties involved, the T&M model is effective in supporting Agile processes. Consultants employed in this model may cover all areas of competence, from analysts to business consultants, developers, testers and maintenance consultants.

Both of the above cooperation models may apply not only to the three main transaction systems in which Sygnity has many years of competence, i.e. FLEXCUBE, FIS Profile and T24 in the banking area and TIA for the insurance market. Due to the fact that our consultants have extensive experience in the areas of transaction banking systems, they can efficiently and effectively use their knowledge in various systems, especially in such areas as analysis or migration.


Sygnity S.A. has started the implementation of FLEXCUBE system in 2000. Until now, we have built a team with all competences that allow us to complete the comprehensive implementation process of the FLEXCUBE Universal Banking system, starting from parametrisation and configuration process through analysis, implementation, extension of functionality and integration process, to data migration and maintenance.


Sygnity competences regarding Profile system

A dedicated FIS Profile system project implementation team has been in Sygnity S.A. for over 20 years. The experience of the team includes projects of system implementation, development and maintenance for Plus Bank, Credit Agricole, Kredyt Bank, DZ Bank Polska and BPH.


Since 2000, our team specializing in T24 system, gained a considerable experience connected to implementation, development and providing services for T24 system. Our specialists have been taking part in system implementation in BRE Bank S.A. and Nordea Bank Polska S.A.. We have also an international experience in this area related to the cooperation during system implementation for Bank of Cairo in Egypt in 2002 S.A.. Since 2003 we have been providing system service for Nordea Bank and since 2004 for BRE Bank S.A. as well. In 2005 we have started our cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., where our experts are implementing the local system extensions.


TIA System is a central solution dedicated to insurance companies that offer, among others, car insurance, property and travel insurance. The software is developed by a Danish company TIA Technology which Sygnity is a partner.. We have a team of competent consultants who, using their knowledge and experience, are able to implement, develop and maintain a central TIA insurance system.


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