Cash machines, night trezors, kiosks and multifunctional terminals

Example of self-serving devices are cash machines, night trezors, transaction and information terminals, VTM.


We sell cash machines by a Korean producer Nautilus Hyosung. It has the fourth place in sales in such companies as NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, and their biggest markets are in Asia and the USA, Sygnity introduces this brand to Poland. Currently we offer cash machines with the following configurations:

  • lobby – detached – Monimax NH 5600
  • transmural Monimax NH 5600T
  • detached – Monimax NH 5600 AW
  • recycling – Monimax NH 8200

It is worth to pay attention to our original solution for outside cash machine based on cash machine 5600 – Lobby. It allows to install cash machine basically in any place.

Cash machine is not influenced by atmospheric conditions and it has its own system of air-conditioning inside the additional cover.

It is also worth paying attention to recycling cash machine Monimax 8200, which differs from its competitors by the fact that it uses modules that have been produced by NH for several years, and are thoroughly tested on Japanese market, which is the biggest consumer of solutions of this type.


Those are smart devices for cash deposits for clients of the bank that are integrated with banking system, which allows to quickly note the deposit in client’s account; it is similar to operating cash machines. It is distinguished by a very intuitive operating, and deposit packages. 7-inch liquid crystal display used in the device allows to communicate easily with the client and deposit cash safely.

Depositories are characterized by a high security level confirmed by IMP certificate and applied solutions (a possibility to use safes of any class). Devices are compact and adjusted to the needs of bank as well as adapted to a small operating space.


Those products are fitted to a specific client and his business needs. We sell different modules that draw on our experience in the field of cash machines.


A very good quality for an attractive price

A high durability of cash machines and night trezors

A very low failure rate

allows to save on service costs

Interface is intuitive, which makes it easy to use

Comprehensive installation services

starting with project design, including visualisation and installation - time saving and cancelling on companies that do project work

A possibility to install self-serving devices in places with difficult access

for example, we install additional modifying elements for cover

Using cash recyclers

makes it possible to reduce CIT costs as banknotes are processed in closed circulation

Compact size of devices and small operating space

makes it easier to install in small banks


Operating banknotes – withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals (recycling devices), cash deposit

Package deposit

Operating accounts

Access to websites

Informative functions (teleconference and video conference)


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