Service package that guarantees efficient work of network of different devices

We offer a complex service package that guarantees efficient work of network of different devices, including night depositories, teller dispensers and recycles, cash machines, terminals and internet kiosks, banknote and coin sorters.

We have one of the biggest national service networks. Experience, knowledge and trust of our clients have allowed to build the team of high-class experts from the beginning of company activity.

Service structures of Sygnity Group can operate, conserve and maintain equipment for cash processing all over Poland. This statement comes from our service structure, a group of trained and certified experts, and partnership with equipment producers, which allows us to use knowledge and company recourses in the area of design, consulting, maintenance and service.

Localization of service points


Granting services

according to procedures in the Bank that concern a procedure of failure reporting and the recovery methods.

Cooperation with world technology leaders in this area.

More than 25 years of experience

of our team that works with automatic cash processing solutions.

We have an extended service structure

elaborated procedures of work, a lot of points all over Poland, a lot of thoroughly trained service technicians.

Constant cooperation with the National Bank of Poland

that allows to modify devices so that they can efficiently detect authenticity of banknotes.

Sygnity for more than 20 years have been providing banks with devices of different type for cash handling, inducing automatic teller safes, sorters for banknotes and coins, internet kiosks and cash machines. It is one of the biggest bank system integrators in Poland.


Skills of our experts are confirmed in a lot of projects connected to installation and comprehensive service of devices.

Complex package of services

Complex package of implementation services

Forming realization procedures


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