Conversational solution for financial institutions

Unblu platform provides the “missing link” between online interactions and the face-to face interaction with a client, limits direct support and advice given in a traditional way in the institution.

By using Unblu, financial institution can engage and interact with customers in real time and guide them through their online interactions and decisions.

Offering real-time customer engagement takes customer support and advisory to a higher level.

There is a significant reduction in the number of connections with customer service in the traditional Contact Center channel, four times more contacts than in branches whose opening hours are not always convenient for the customer.

Unblu enables customer advisors (Call / Contact Centre) and clients to engage in a conversation, browse and cooperate on the website of a financial institution, electronic platform or in a mobile application.

The package includes services that are launched without the need on the client’s side to meet any technical requirements.

Basic services available in Unblu that allow to have a conversation in real time

Live Chat

A solution that ensures live support without interrupting the customer`s browsing flow.

Secure Messenger

A secure conversation channel that allows advisors to seamlessly communicate with their customers.

Video & Voice

A quicker and cost-effective way to connect with customers. Voice communication is available as well as a video conversation.

The services described above ensure a secure way of communication, all contacts are archived on an ongoing basis, and can be very useful for future relations.

Basic services available in Unblu that allow to collaborate in real time


Enables an agent to view the customer`s screen during achat session and understand their context.


Enables to see and interact with customer`s web browser – no download required.

Document Co-Browsing

Enables advisors to collaborate and guide customers through documentation, agreements, discuss and decide on the specific elements of the matter in hand.

Designed to ensure safety and correspondence of data

Security and data privacy standards are crucial for large financial services organisations. Thanks to Unblu the data flow between the client and an web application remains the same. This means that all regulatory certificates used for client’s application (such as PCI, GDRP, PHI) remain unchanged and re-certification is not required.

Additional ports or communication channels are not required, and whole communication is realised through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Public data from client’s screen is displayed to the agent, and any sensitive data can be masked before being processed on the server and viewed by the agent.

Unblue SecureFlow Manager (SFM) is a proprietary software component that provides secure access to application with a high level of security, such as company applications and their browsing. Security and data confidentiality are never endangered.

Unblu safely records and plays back every customer interaction together with each click and task that is written. This new level of transparency gives institutions a possibility to personalize offers for clients.

With each interaction with a client on any device that is archived and encrypted, institutions can use conversation insights to customize existing products and offer new appropriate products.

Safe archiving

Unblu operates in the infrastructure of a financial institution, regardless of whether it is a private cloud or on premise. The institution has full control over data flow, data storage and overall security. This allows compliance with GDPR, FINMA and MiFID II regulations.

Masking sensitive information

A built-in configuration determines which content can be available for viewing and cooperation. Requirements are simply tagged in instrumented web application. These technical features ensure flexibility to manage proper interactions in the general system settings.


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