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UNBLU – a safe and remote customer service tool for new times.

The UNBLU system ensures efficient and safe remote communication for financial advisers in a form tailored to the client’s needs (voice call, video call or chat). The co-browsing feature allows joint browsing through the bank’s portal or electronic banking system and gives a possibility to share the documents (i.e. contracts or regulations).

Business benefits

Thanks to the UNBLU system, banks and financial institutions can offer a high-quality support to their clients, regardless of where they are at the moment. UNBLU also ensures continuity of customer service during emergency situations, like for instance the current pandemic, while protecting the health of both clients and employees.

The offered functionality of the UNBLU system is successfully used by many key financial institutions worldwide.

New habits will stay with us for longer

The pandemic will permanently change the business and social relations all over the world. And just as the remote work in many companies will become the norm, the clients will quickly get used to settling things remotely. The result will be a significant reduction in bank visits, which will both increase clients comfort and reduce operating costs of banks and other financial institutions.

The investment in a proven solution, which increases the effectiveness and safety of the communication, is a necessary step towards improving the satisfaction of current clients, as well as gaining new ones attracted by modern and safe service.

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