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PetroRetail is a complex system that helps fuel companies efficiently manage their gas stations. It enables sales of fuel and other products, efficient management of station stores and fleet (if combined with our PetroBiznes system) as well as convenient creation of loyalty programs.

The system consists of two applications:

Sales application for cashiers (PetroRetail.POS) supports cashiers in all operations related to the sales of products available at the gas stations

Storage managing application (PetroRetail.BOS) enables effective management of the warehouse, orders and inventory

Business benefits

  • Increase in sales and profit margin by flexible management of discounts and special offers
  • Elimination of potential exceedances, thanks to in-build algorithms that show exceedances in accepted norms
  • More secure data thanks to different o different levels of access and user rights, efficient managing of warehouses, orders and inventory
  • Improved monitoring of operations carried out by the employees
  • Decreasing the risk of errors and mistakes, thanks to automating and integration with fuel automatics

Selected functionalities

Expanded sales module (sales of fuels, goods and services)

Full integration with the central system

Implementation of trade policies (flexible management of discounts and promotions)

Support for various payment forms (e.g. payment cards, cheques, transfers, foreign currencies, change in PLN, mixed payments)

Possibility to issue invoices for the last or selected receipt, as well as other documents (e.g. summary invoices, advance invoices, invoice corrections, duplicates)

Cash management (including deposits, withdrawals, workstation transfers, defining allowed cash value in cash desks, cash balance by currency, managing safes, registering cash flow)

Complete management of products stock (e.g. external/internal receiving and issuing, transfers and corrections of products stock, a possibility to define other warehouse documents)

Expanded product card with a wide range of attributes

Using flat-file data, which can be conveniently exchanged with external systems

Possibility to operate a few storage facilities at the same time

Billing storage facility according to consignments

Implementation model

We offer several models of implementation:

  • implementation of the whole solution, which allows for implementation of all gas station management processes,
  • implementation of selected modules, with the possibility of future expansion.

Thanks to a friendly interface, clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can commission it to our experts.

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