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Sygnity Forecast

Sygnity Forecast

Sygnity Forecast is a forecasting system, which – using available data (such as historical and weather data as well as additional variables) – creates forecasts for utility demand in different time frames, depending on the need.

Sygnity Forecast uses algorithms both basing on classical statistical forecasting methods and Machine Learning.

It enables generation of forecasts for both utilities demand (such as: electricity, gas, heat) and energy generated from renewable energy sources (RES). Additionally, system allows to balance the electricity demand within line or plant and shows the coverage of demand in concluded contracts.

Business benefits

Thanks to Sygnity Forecast, companies operating on the market:

Optimize the costs of energy and other media thanks to more reliable forecasts

Monitor energy demand and production on an ongoing basis (energy balance)

Efficiently manage key business processes e.g. by preparing forecasts in different time frames

Better plan investments and production as they know which equipment in the plant is the most energy-consuming

Effectively monitor the security level in concluded contract

Make better business decisions by collecting information on concluded contracts as well as analysing historical data

For whom?

The ideal clients for our solution are:

  • Energy producers (heat, electricity),
  • Distribution System Operators of electricity and natural gas,
  • Wind power plants,
  • Energy suppliers,
  • Electricity consumers,
  • Companies operating in energy industry.

Selected functionalities

  • Switching between modes (daily, monthly, annual) and comparing the results from different modes
  • Enables the use of different statistical models depending on the forecast horizon
  • Presents accurate data of the selected aggregation grain (quarter, hour, day, month, year)
  • Enables inputting additional information in a form of notes and use them on different stages of forecasting
  • Enables searching for similar days according to a several algorithms (Spearman, Pearson, Kendall correlation)
  • Creates hierarchical structures of objects, a possibility to generate forecasts on each level of hierarchy as well as forecast aggregation
  • Creates consumption profiles based on historical data, creating forecasts based on profiles
  • Generates both automatic and expert forecasts
  • Automatically corrects forecasts on holidays and around holidays
  • Allows creating own forecasting models with using R language
  • Collects data about contractors (contact details, banking data, contact persons data)
  • Keeps information about concluded contracts (contractor, duration, direction)
  • Monitors the level of demand/product protection in concluded contracts
  • Stores annexes to contracts
  • Archives full history and customer documentation in one place
  • Informs about the status of measurement data
  • Converts different measurement units
  • Calculates the deviations and errors obtained by forecasting models
  • Presents distribution of model errors
  • Visualizes the results of forecasting models
  • Statistic summaries (min, max, average, sum, MAPE, DAPE, RMS, variation),
  • Examines the dependencies between different data
  • Supports creating own report templates
  • Stores historic data in any time frame
  • Automates the process of obtaining and recording current data, and its export to external systems
  • Supports multiple data sources (i.e. FTP, PWI, PSE pages, TGE pages, other www) and file formats (i.e. txt, xls, csv, XML)

System adapted to real client’s needs

Developed standards together with flexible cooperation model allow us to adapt the system to the clients’ needs. We offer implementation of the whole solution as well as only its selected modules with the possibility of future expansion. Business processes are modelled according to personalized client’s needs.
In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer several variants of implementation:

  • within the client’s infrastructure (on-premise), which allows customers to have full control over the implemented solution;
  • on the platform of Sygnity’s electronic services (on-cloud), which reduces costs of implementing the system and allows to operate in the service (subscription) model

Thanks to a friendly interface, clients can manage the solution by themselves or – for the convenience and time saving – can outsource it to our experts.

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