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Workforce Management System (ZPB) supports infrastructure companies (e.g. energy, water, telecommunication or heating companies) in efficient and cost effective management of workforce.

It centralizes in one application work orders such as: managing accidents, maintenance and network expansion tasks, technical support (e.g. installation and dismantling of equipment, readings) and supports their efficient execution by the crew. Thanks to functionality of determining the optimal driver’s route to the job site, it also allows to significantly reduce transport costs.

Solution consists of two elements: a web application for the operator and a mobile application for the crew. This allows for effective two-way communication and access to the following functionalities:


  • Access to the work order list
  • Optimized route to the job site
  • Ongoing reporting of work order realization progress


  • Creating and planning work orders
  • Allocating suitable human resources and equipment
  • Monitoring and controlling crew in real time

The ZPB solution integrates with other systems (e.g. ERP, fleet, GIS / Network Asset Management), which allows for comprehensive support of business processes and significantly improves the work flow.

Business benefits

Savings resulting from:

  • shortening the time of work order execution and, as a result, increasing the number of completed orders as well as lowering the amount of overtime
  • reducing the number of kilometres driven by optimizing the route (lower fuel costs, decreased time)
  • reducing simple and repeated tasks thanks to automation,
  • improving communication between the field workers and operators,
  • centralization of operational units

Improved business management thanks to:

  • standardization, categorization and process automation
  • detailed and current data, eliminating paper documents flow

Optimizing costs of order realization by:

  • decreasing the time of order management
  • improving effectiveness of order realisation (increasing the number of work orders completed by a team)
  • optimizing driving time
  • decreasing labour intensity of the work

Up-to-date information about realized and planned orders:

  • managing teams from one place
  • quick, updated and detailed information about completed orders
  • remote access of workers to the order lists

Increasing customer support quality

  • timely and effective visits
  • company image

Selected functionalities

Managing teams (including the ability to define teams and their availability)

Managing both planned and unplanned work orders (possibility of assigning statuses to orders and their prioritization) and allocation of orders

Assigning specific resources and competencies required to execute specific orders

Supporting field crews (by giving access to the required data, determining optimal route, allowing for efficient communication with the teams thanks to a convenient application)

Collecting specific data about realized orders

Settlement of orders – recording costs and working time, resources usage

Overview of progress in order realization, reporting for orders, crews, connected objects (spatial-temporal context)

Data synchronization between central system and mobile application allows for using mobile application offline, which is significant for field crews

Implementation steps

  1. Analysing the client needs
  2. System implementation in Client’s environment (including the possibility of delivery and activation of equipment necessary for the system implementation)
  3. Adapting the system to individual client’s needs (including integration with selected systems)
  4. Trainings and workshops
  5. Production implementation (including data and interfaces initialisation)
  6. Post-implementation support
  7. Maintenance and further development according to Client needs

A system tailored to real customer needs

Developed standards and flexible model of cooperation enable us to adapt the platform to different Client’s needs. We offer both the implementation of a comprehensive solution, allowing for the effective management of all logistics processes on the site of the industrial plant, as well as only its selected modules with the possibility of expansion in the future. System can be implemented on-premise in client’s infrastructure or in cloud model (hybrid cloud).

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